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FS613 Posted - 10 December 2006 21:31
L'chvod Rabbi Moderator:

Elsewhere on the forum, you posted the following:

"The Chofetz Chaim (al HaTorah Mishpatim) proves from the Gemora that even if someone hurts you, it is still Min HaShamayim.

Even when one person hits another person, it is a divine decree."

Therefore, if Person A hurts Person B, either physically or verbally;

why should Person A be punished, if it was a divine decree, Min HaShamayim?

Thank you.

grafix Posted - 11 December 2006 4:17
The same question can be asked of any of the ruling nations who brought us into golus - if they were only doing what they were supposed to do, why were they punished?

The answer is that they chose to be the messengers of G-d's command. Just because I deserve a punishment, it doesn't mean that yu have to be the one to do the punishment. The fact that you CHOSE to do this puts you in the wrong.

MODERATOR Posted - 11 December 2006 4:18
Yup. You got it, Grafix.

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