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chagit Posted - 12 December 2001 21:47
Are girls allowed to run at school during Physical Education or recess if there is a man across the feild, not nessasarily watching?
MODERATOR Posted - 14 December 2001 0:40
If hes not watching and not likely to be watching its OK.

PS - The man shouldnt be there.

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goodgirl Posted - 14 November 2003 19:15
what? a girl cant run if a man is around or watching? what abt the treadmill? i cant go on it even if i'm fully dressed?
Gila77 Posted - 15 November 2004 1:29
Whats the problem if your dressed? I see plenty of people who I think are very frum running at the gym
Whats wrong?
pookie89 Posted - 24 November 2004 14:11
yeah i run every night-- outside, around my neighborhood. of course i wear a skirt and longsleeves but i thought it was ok?? is there a problem??
Lynx Posted - 26 November 2004 11:28
I'm not a Rav, so I'm not going answer those questions halachically, but I'll tell you what I've seen. A lot of the time girls don't realize what they look like. I've heard guys make comments about what a girl looks like when she's dancing/jumping rope/etc. Trust me, most of the time they're not flattering. Even so, it DEFINITELY draws attention to things that tznius does not what you to draw attention to. It's like wearing tight clothes--you're not actually revealing anything, but you're making it much more obvious and eyecatching when it moves.

angelprincess Posted - 17 January 2011 23:43
then how can one work out if they can't even run outside? there are very few good all ladies gyms
angelprincess Posted - 22 April 2011 3:14
Lynx: so what should girls do if they cant run outside like what outlet of exercise is left if cant ether do to a gym b/c co-ed?

angel princess

Sdude1098 Posted - 23 August 2011 22:33
look up bally's fitness for women or fitness for woman clubs. If all else fails and you can't get anything at home, try talking with people in the community to set something up. If THAT fails, then ask your rabbi if he thinks that you are ok going to a gym (and maybe his rebbetzin knows what to do) or try running in a certain area (sometimes schools will let people use the building or the track)

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