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MODERATOR Posted - 20 September 2006 17:09
The most wonderful wishes to the entire frumteens community. I decided to make the RoshHahanah messgae I wrote 2 years ago the permanent Frumteens Rosh Hashhanah post - so check it out. Every year we should have that in mind - returning to Hashem out of gratitude, not tzoros. I just wated to add one more piece to that message this year, along the same lines:

In the tochachah we know that the reason for all the horrible curses is "tachas asher loavadita hashem elokecha beimcha uvetov levava marov kol". All the meforshim ask why is it that just because there was no simcha in your avodas hashem do you deserve such terrible punishment?

I'd like to add another question, regarding the meaning of the phrase "merov kol". If rov kol over here has a similar meaning to "simcha", that is, you shoudl have served Hashem with simcha and with Rov Kol, the posuk should not have saiid "me"rov kol, but rather "be"rov kol, like it does by simcha.

As background to understand the asnwer, please see:

Now, the answer is that, whenever we have tzoros r"l, we respond by doign Teshuva. We have gatherings, we say Tehillim, we are gozer taanis, we become better.

But although all that is the proper response to tzoros, such a response should not be limited to when bad thigns happen. Better to do teshuva when good thgins happen, because good thigns happen to us, out of gratitude for good things that happen to us.

We should make a Teshuva rally whenever time goes by and no terrorist c"v drives a car bomb into a Yeshiva, or blows himself up in Penn Station or LAX or crashes a plane hashem yishmeeirnu. The onyl reason those thgis dont happen is because of chasdei Hashem. We should get together and make teshuva rallies and become better out of love for all that Hashem gives us, and each morning when we wake up and we're still alive and we have our eyes and ears and arms and legs, weshoudl do teshuva out of happiness. And when we say Birchas HaShachar in the morning and we thank Hashem for all those thigns we woke up with we should become more frum, and resolve to be better peopel from now on, out of happiness and gratitude.

Hashem sends us roses every day. We shoudl run into His arms thanking Him.

But if we don't, if the only time we become better and more frum and change our ways is when bad thigns r"l happen, then what are we tellgin Hashem? What are we pushing Hashem to do? Our purpose in this world - our only purpose - is to grow and become more frum and better people. And if we only do that when r"l tragedies occur, then what do we expect Hashem to send us?????

"Tachas" (especially when followed by the word "asher") in Hebrew means "because", as in "tachas asher kinah l'elokav", but it also means "instead of", as in "ayin tachas ayin.".

Tachas[/] asher lo avadita Hashem besimcha - Hashem is saying, "Once upon a time you were besimcha. You could have served me out of simcha. You had everything. I sent you roses. You had "rov kol." You could have served Me out of happiness because of all the good you had --- "besimcha [b]merov kol -- with joy, because of all the good you had. The rov kol should have geenrated the simcha and you could have returned to me and became better because of it.

"But you didnt. You didnt becmoe better. You didnt improve out of joy merov kol.

"But dont worry - youll become more frum - you will make asifos and gatherings and say tehillim and Teshuva rallies and fasts and peopel will do teshuva, and you will fulfill the purpose of your life.

"Just wait until the bad things happen. then youll do Teshuva. You didnt want to do teshuva when the good thgins happened? Just wait until the Tochachah happens - then youll suddenly do Teshuva.

"One way or another, your job in this world is to become better. You could have become better out of joy, but you didnt. Now, Tachas asher lo avadita ..besimcha merov kol, because you didnt serve Hashem out of the joy that you had because you had so much --- rov kol -- you will now become better out of tzoros. You had the simcha. teh simcha brought on by rov kol. You were besimcha. But did you do teshuva because of it? Did you serve me because of it? No?

"The, tashas asher lo avadita Hashem besimcha merov kol -- you will now serve Hashem the hard way."

May we all be zocheh to return to Hashem through joy of Rov Kol. May we all recognize that the Rov Kol that we experience each day comes only from hashem, and that the simcha that we experience because of it, is a gift from G-d.

A kesiva Vachasima Tovah to everyone! And a joyous and sweet year.

grafix Posted - 22 September 2006 15:02

kesiva vechasima tova to everyone out there!

wrinkly Posted - 25 September 2006 1:18
Thank you R' Mod. Hope everyone has an inspiring RH and a kesiva v'chasima tova.


laugh alot Posted - 25 September 2006 1:18
Thank you Mod I was touched by what you said its so very true if we would only do teshuva out of simcha halevi
i wish every1 a kisiva vichasima tova and may we be in Yerushalayim next yr

Smile it goes a long way

laugh alot Posted - 29 December 2006 0:41
it the night after rosh hashana and i hope u all had a meaningful one and may all ur tefillos be answered
i just thought of a mashal it a lil weird but i feel like sharing it w/ everyone

One night i was anxiously awaitng a call from someone who i really wanted to speak to i kept my phone by me where ever i went so i wouldnt miss the call, by midnight i gave up and opened my phone it turned out that i had 5 missed calls and they were all from this person i really wanted to speak to i was wondering how did i miss the calls wanst i listening the whole time. It turned out that my phone was on silent the whole time and i hadnt put it back on normal mode from when i went to school
it the same w/ Hashem He is calling us but w/ Him its much more than 5 times, more than a million times He wants to talk to us, He wants us to talk to Him if only we would put our minds and bodies in the right place and return to him it might not be enough just to listen bc w/ the phone we might be on silent and not here anything not feel anything and if we dnt feel it we can always try to call the person first that doesnt hurt Hashem wants us to return to Him to talk to him we just have to be ready to listen

Smile it goes a long way

taon Posted - 29 December 2006 13:15
very good Mashal, especially in a technological age. The best thing is, reading inspirational Dvar Torah's after the Elul-Tishrei period reminds me of all my goals then. thanks
laugh alot Posted - 18 February 2007 14:11
Mod i thought that post was lost and it would never be posted
I'm very happy it got posted because i forgot what i had wrote and i was wondering what it was
It was a reminder for me also

Smile it goes a long way

if u havent noticed my name is spelled wrong alot is 2 words
A Lot
Please learn from my mistakes

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