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shnooker Posted - 25 June 2006 21:51
so the other day i heard a bunch of kids squealing in the halls about their moms. there was this one kid who goes "my mom is SO cute!!" and girls were picking up on this thread about how their moms were so stylish etc.
when i got home i told my my mom about it and she told me that a friend of hers was talking to someone else who claimed she and her daughter were "best friends". and my mom's friend told my mom:
"this daughter of her's has SO many best friends and only one mother. so why can't her mother BE her mother"
and that's when i got to thinking maybe this is what disrespect is all about-this is the source. the mentality that mom's don't want to be a grownup yet and have a responsible, grownup relationship with their child. it's wonderful for a mom to want to have a relationship at all with her daughter, but is "MOM AS BEST FRIEND" the best idea?
green Posted - 26 June 2006 0:34
sounds like you have a wise mom,shnooker:)
Su Do Nim Posted - 15 September 2006 10:15
Parents are (or at least, _should_ be) your best friend in the sense that no human loves and cares about you more than your parents.

It is completely inappropriate, however, for the relationship with your parents to be like that of your friends who are your peers.

It is good and even-- ideally-- necessary for children to feel comfortable enough with their parents to discuss personal matters but there must always a reverence and respect.

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