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twenty_two Posted - 15 June 2006 3:19
I was told that the Ralbag holds that there is no such thing as bechira chofshis. Is this true? If it is, could you please tell me where he says this?
MODERATOR Posted - 15 June 2006 3:20
It is not true. You ewre told wrong,
twenty_two Posted - 27 May 2007 2:06
i was recently informed of the exact opposite

a friend told me fakert: the ralbag asks: how can there be bechira and at the same time hkbh knows everything? its a stira. and i was told that he answers that ain hacha nami, and really hkbh doesnt know everything because he's mtzamtzem Himself (wtvr that means)

is this true?

Matisyohu28 Posted - 02 December 2007 2:23
that refers to a tzimtzum 'm guessing, and if I'm right, you shouldnt br readin that it's kabalistic and can have very dire consequences if you study it before you're on the right madrega. bechira is a basic idea in judaism; I highly doubt that ralbag did not hold of it. what he meant perhaps was in refernce to a person's actions for/against his fellow, if he has bechira in that area, which is open to discussion. but everyone agrees that if a person wants to sin bein adam lemakom, he will be able to do it, since hashem does not stop him. Also, if we werent given bechira, and if it was preordained that we were to be righteous or wicked, that would not make sense. Hashem does not make anyone evil, since he desires everyone to serve him, so the idea that whatever we did was supposed to happen anyway is preposterous

Mussar teaches you how to live. But learning bava kama is living! - Rav Avigdor Miller ZT'L

MODERATOR Posted - 02 December 2007 13:40

thats also not from the ralbag. youre misinformed again.

yaavetz Posted - 23 February 2011 1:55
I believe the Moderator is mistaken in the last post. The Ralbag does have such a shita that limits yedias Hashem. Although I have never seen his Milchamos Hashem, in which Iím sure he deals with this extensively, he quotes it himself twice in Parshas Veyeira in his peirush on the Torah in regard to this issue, once after the story of Avraham and the three men that visited him etc., and once after the story of the akeida. The idea is not that Hashem doesnít know anything of future events, but rather that he does not know of future events that are the results of solely human will or happenstance and not predetermined astrologically.

It goes without saying that this is a pretty radical shita, and not recommended by most everyone else who ever had anything to say about it. In fact, although Abarbanel considers Ralbag his main rival, this is the only issue to my knowledge in which regard he calls Ralbag a kofer.

look-upward Posted - 16 March 2011 1:33
Fuuny, i recently saw something on this. I cant remeber the whole thing but it's on the website of a shul in Far Rockaway, (it's a shul site, so is that okay?)

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