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LaUgH Posted - 09 June 2006 16:52
my friend want to go to chedvah i love it but she wants a second opinion, what do you guys think?
grafix Posted - 12 June 2006 17:18
it's a good camp. the head staff really cares about making the girls have a good time. including the staff members. but ut really depends on the type of girl she is...
Black666 Posted - 15 June 2006 18:12
Chedvah is great! And every year it get a little bit smaller so there is no need to worry about getting in! (they are desperate!)
talking 24/7 Posted - 03 July 2006 21:51
i have a few q's. one, how much is chedvah? 2. whre is it? and 3. is there transportation from chicago??????

Black666 Posted - 28 August 2006 1:38
It's in Liberty, New York.
malks polks Posted - 02 April 2007 2:24
Hey I'm just wondering where are all u chedva fans out there any loyal campers take a look on camp shiras forum how can u compare this obviously tells u something about the camp why don't they all reply?
grafix Posted - 02 April 2007 6:20
malks - first of all, chedvah's a much smaller camp, so percentage wise, you're not going to get much.
second, it could be that there are not many chedva girls on this site.
third, even if they are on this site, it doesn't mean they read the "other" forum.

Now, just to let you know, i went to chedvah (or rather, hedvah!) for years. (I was a staff kid...) Most of the girls that go to chedvah ome for years, and really love camp.
the grounds are small and really well takn care of, the food's great, staff's really nice (married staff is from really diverse backgrounds, which is nice) and they really take care of you there.
if you have any specific questions, i can give you my unbiased opinion. (truly!)

godlover Posted - 20 April 2007 3:31
yes, i heard it's extremely jappy. is that true? i'm registered to go this summer and reely scared because all my friends told me the girls are snobs! and it's my first summer going to camp so i'm reely scared alltogether.
grafix Posted - 20 April 2007 3:58
jappiness depends on you.

as does whether others are snobs.
go with a positive attitude and you'll have an awesome time!

godlover Posted - 20 April 2007 21:29
what grade will you be going into this summer? (if you're going back) we might end up in the same bunk! whada you meen that jappiness depends on you? also, how many years have you been going there already?
grafix Posted - 20 April 2007 23:04
nah, we're not the same age.

if you've read the rest of the site, you'll know that i'm no longer in my teens.

but i grew up in chedvah.
and maybe i'll come up for a shabbos or two (or three)

godlover Posted - 22 April 2007 2:42
so what r ya doin this summer, which camp are you going back to because that's the one that's probably better? and which camp did you switch to being that you're not going back, and is it better or worse? and how could you just leave your other camp to come up to chedva for a few shabbosim?
grafix Posted - 22 April 2007 4:51
i'm past the camp stage already.


Old staff members sometimes come up to visit for shabbosim...

godlover Posted - 23 April 2007 2:55
So can you give me more details on the camp itself? what are the activities? are they very into sports? do kids get homesick often there? is the food edible? are the bunkhouses livable? do they actually have hot water running before shabbos (my sister went to camp and said she never had any) any more info you can provide? as i said... i'm reely nervous!
grafix Posted - 23 April 2007 3:07
the grounds are really nice, very well kept up.
depends on the bunk you're in if they're into sports or not.
activities include: soccer, softball, tennis, basketball, nature hike, ropes course (for older bunks) ats n crafts, ceramics, workshops, swimming, rowing, machanayim... there are others, but i guess you get the picture.
some kids get homesick, some don't. depends on the girl herself. in every camp there are those who are homesick.
the food is usually great. they have a really good cook. and an awesome baker.
the bunkhouses are normal - usually no bunkbeds.
there's almost always enough hot water before shabbos - each bunkhouse has it's own boiler, and they try to space the shower activities between the bunks.

Really, just go with a positive attitde,a nd you'll have a really good time.

godlover Posted - 25 April 2007 22:00
us- That's so funny! You guys slept together? Don't worry about me though, even though I'm not going with anyone i know, i make friends very easily.

No kidding they don't inform you that you have to make your own bed, they aren't suppose to because most kids know how to do it at age three! And if you went through six years of camp and still can't make your own bed then i think you should seriously consider learning how.

but thanks for your post and pleeeeese don't leave this site! (i read your posts in the poetry section by searching your snname and found it!)

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