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Frum&1/2 Posted - 16 January 2006 16:55
In case no one knows what the Chanale davening song is:
"I daven requesting my small voice He hears,
Hashem can You bless me with long happy years,
With each verse I ask Him fulfill all my needs,
Honor my merits, reward my good deeds.
And b4 I close my siddur, for one last thing I'll pray,
That He responds to my Bakashus,
Even the ones my lips dont say.
For He can see a hidden part of me, into my essence and my core.
And though I've asked for health and happiness, Hashem knows I need more.
My soul inside is yearning, it cries please bring me close.
Shema Tehakoseinu Yodeya TaUmos...."
BrainLess Posted - 22 January 2006 1:39
do you also know the song of her;s not sure what its called
"life;s not a race yet your dancing so fast"


taon Posted - 22 January 2006 1:39
i like it. strangley, the lyrics that inspire me the most are ussually the ones i "mishear" and get a different message, exactly what i need to bhear then. Baruch Hashem.
LILGAL Posted - 22 January 2006 1:39
wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! daven e/o hashem wants to help you but you must do the first step.and if you feel that u just dont feel a connection ask 4 it,say hashem i reaaly want to feel close to u please help .it has helped me so much throughout these past years
batyisroel613 Posted - 22 January 2006 1:39
My favorite lyrics ever are the Chanale lyrics and the lyrics from Suffy's "Believe" CD. They're so great, I can't even decide which lyrics to post here.
Singerchanale Posted - 24 January 2006 18:51
Hi girls,
I'm so happy to see you guys writing about my songs. I came across this site by accident and I weas pleasantly suprised to say the least! It's so nice to hear frum teenagers appreciating Jewish music that comes from the Neshama. All the best, Chanale!
P.S. im working on a new project that will include all of you so drop me an email if you'd like to hear more.
taon Posted - 25 January 2006 14:04
is this real? if it is, it wouldnt be the first time.
neshama Posted - 26 January 2006 23:29
Yes it's real. I agree ity's pretty ironic again just like last time.
LILGAL Posted - 26 January 2006 23:29
chanala you have been an inspiration to me in many ways.your songs have helped me get through alot .i lov the line -so many live together but we still feel alone its like u totally get me.however many pple feel that your songs r a bit one track minded .like saying if mashiach is not here cant be happy ect..
senior09 Posted - 10 February 2006 17:14
Is Chanale on a CD? Or does she just write lyrics?
neshama Posted - 14 February 2006 23:15
shes on cd.
Shopping101 Posted - 19 February 2006 2:17
3 cds!
stars20 Posted - 19 February 2006 2:17
Singerchanale Posted - 27 February 2006 17:51
Hey there, I'm not online that often, so please forgive me for the delay. Thanks for the sweet compliments you gave and I'm glad my music touches you! On the comment about Moshiach; yes I do feel that as Yidden we cannot be completly happy unless Moshiach is here. It's written in the Shulchan Orech of the ways we limit our Simcha throughout the year being that we are in Galus and dont have the Beis Hamikdash. The Yidden are certainly not in their greatest glory since the Churban. There was a time when the Yidden were living a peaceful life, fully focused on their Avodas Hashem (Karbonos, Shalosh Ragalim, Yamin Noraim) privliged to serve Hashem in a place where He was in full glory. You really have to understand how great a deal that is, to fully appreciate what will be when Moshiach comes. C'mon, Hashem created the world for one purpose alone: to elevate the physical world by doing Mitzvos, in order that He should dwell amongst us. We desperatly need Moshiach and he is long overdue!
senior09 Posted - 14 March 2006 18:19
If we're going to post Chanale's lyrics, let's at least get 'em right...

*I Daven*

I daven, requesting
My small voice He hears
Hashem, can You bless me
With long, happy years
With each verse I ask Him
Fulfill all my needs
Honor my merits
Reward my good deeds
Then before I close my Siddur
For one last thing I'll pray
That He responds to my Bakashos
Even the ones my lips don't say

For He can see a hidden part of me
Into my essence at my core
And though I've asked for health and happiness
Hashem knows I need more
My soul inside is yearning
It cries please bring me close
Shema Tza-a-kosainu
Yodayah Ta-a-lumos

Swaying, I whisper
His praise on my tongue
I depend on His blessing
To provide for my young
Grant me my portion
A life free from pain
Judge me with favor
Remember my name

Then before I close my Siddur
For one last thing I'll pray
That He responds to my Bakashos
Even the ones my lips don't say


When my heart is broken I know He will mend it
When my troubles overwhelm me, He will know
When I need a hand to guide me, He will send it
When I'm searching, He will show me where to go


I think someone also asked for this one...

*The Music Won't Last*

Have you ever seen
The sun fade to night
Or the waters gleam
From the moon's glowing light

Have you ever heard
The merry-go-round
And stopped to turn around

Cuz it seems that you
Run through each day on the fly
When you say hello
Do you hear my reply
Is there someplace you're going
Or are you paying for time
Do you think you're too old to play
What's tomorrow when you haven't lived today

Oh, don't you know that you are the reason The world has come to be
You're holding a treasure
That you received for free
Life's not a race
Yet you're dancing so fast
Don't take it for granted
The music won't last

Sometimes it seems we forget
To live is to never regret
All the beauty we'd see if we'd try
To never let life pass us by

That's straight off the CD insert, both of them!

senior09 Posted - 14 March 2006 18:19
I think this is the project Chanale was referring to.

Dear everyone,

Have you ever dreamed of putting out an album of your songs?Are you a songwriter/singer/composer that wishes her material could be heard by thousands of women around the world? Well now is your chance!

The opportunity of a lifetime has finally come your way:

Chanale is proud to introduce a new project that includes each and every one of you!

Chanale is right now offering each and every woman and girl a chance to write an original song and professionally record it. Once the lyrics, composition and recording are approved, the song will be included onto the album and distributed to Judaica stores all over the world. The album will be widely advertised and promoted all over the country.

The detailed cd insert will include the lyrics of every song and the names of all the writers, singers and composers. Concert opportunities are also to be had. Don't miss this chance!

If you yourself are not musically inclined, yet know someone who IS musically talented and would like to participate, please pass on the word to them so that they too can hear about this amazing opportunity.

Rules and details to be followed!


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