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Achiezer Posted - 06 November 2001 20:56
Unlike halacha, in which all (or most) segments of Klal Yisroel rely on the same basic authorities, hashkafah is far more varied. The term "Torah hashkafa" is decieving, because there are many variant Torah hashkafos. Torah Im Derech Eretz, Chasidus, Misnagdus, Slabodka, Novardok--all are completely valid--and drastically different. It's important to embrace the one that best suits your individual needs and talents. The key is that all of them are based on a "common ground" Torah hashkafa on things that includes adherence to halacha, the supremacy of Torah study, and other topics expressly mentioned in the gemara. As R' Hirsch puts it, Dracheha Darchei Noam is plural (its wayS) because there are many differant derachim, and all are darchei noam. Thew key is that all are based on the Gemara, which is Torah shebaal Peh. but "Torah hashkafa" is not a black-and-white term.
MODERATOR Posted - 06 November 2001 22:26
Hashkafa is no more varied than Halachah. Just as you describe different but legitimate Hashkofos, there are also as many different but legitimate Halachic opinions. Both are objective, meaning, both must be based on Torah and not just your opinion, and both may have disagreements.
LovLe7 Posted - 12 March 2002 2:18
So what's obligatory to follow? If there are so many varieties of Hashkofa, do we choose which one we want? Is there a better and worse type of Hashkafa? Is one being 'over a Halacha' by following a different Hashkafa? Is that how one is labled "frum" and "not as frum"? By his way of Hashkafa? Sorry, I know I'm throwing alot of questions at once.

MODERATOR Posted - 06 May 2002 2:29
Hashkafa is the same a Halachah in this. The same way you follow certin Halachic authorities, and the same way you determine who they are, you follwo Hashkafic authorities and determine who they are as well.

Proper Hashkofos are just as important - oftne more important - as proper Halachos.

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