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Anything about JUDAISM
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MODERATOR Posted - 06 November 2005 0:52
taon Posted - 29 December 2005 17:01
I'm assuming you mean the Sefer by Rabbi Waldman, right? great Sefer, though occasionally what it says is a bit cliche. they have a new, revised and expanded version out. it talks about a wide range of subjects in Judaism. oh, and the author once posted here, it didint go through but i got in in the search engine.
snelling Posted - 09 June 2006 19:09
Rabbi Waldman is an AMAZING human being. Just by-the-way, the first version, which is a little more simple-to-read and cliche, was written specifically for teens at risk. The next version was for the general frum public. And the latest edition, which includes the holocaust and other "Big Question" topics, is meant to include the non-frum public.

Rabbi Waldman is now working on getting this book published in Russian and distibuting it to the Russian speaking non-frum public.

taon Posted - 18 February 2007 16:44
okay, sorry, I messed up. I didn't see the thread where Moderator said what this thread is for. to quote: <<A new forum, called BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT, in the Torah and Science section, will address issues pertaining to the most widely known proofs to the Torah. Any qestions - post them please.>>

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