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e Posted - 18 October 2001 19:51
which is better to be in yiddishkeit - a balanced approach or very extreme? which way is harder to mainatain?
MODERATOR Posted - 19 October 2001 0:23
How do you define "balanced" and "extreme"?

Balanced betwen what and what?

>>> Posted - 22 October 2001 22:19
i think what e means is: balanced = being shomrei torah umitzvos, but slowly, u know, chilled. still listen to non-jewish music and go to movies and talk to the guys (but not get hecticly involved). extreme = try keeping all. don't LOOK at the opposite sex, go for gold, 100%,etc... i think that one always has to be trying to be their best. a "balance", as defined here is just laziness. got to be always striving for more. there's no middle of the road, right?
e Posted - 23 October 2001 2:51
>>> is right. i am trying to figure it out. should you take 1 step at a time and be "chilled" about life or hectic about everything? its hard to explain.
MODERATOR Posted - 24 October 2001 22:17
The ultimate goal of every Jew is to be what you call "extreme." The question is, how fast or slow should you try to get there?

Thye asnwer is it depends where youre holding. You should do as much as you can, and slowly do more and more. You need to know when to go "cold turkey" and when to wean yourself away from undesirable behavior.

So it really depends on you and where youre holding, but one thing is for sure --- it is definitely better to be "extreme" -- the only quesiton is, how to get there: all at once, or slowly.

And that depends on what you can handle.

>>> Posted - 26 October 2001 21:08
thanks moderator, that really makes a lot of sense. just one question: with regard to talking to the opposite sex- it seem like it's such a bad thing that you should keep away from it completely, but if you were already once in the habit of it, what should one do? cause breaking that kind of a habit only comes slowly, right???
MODERATOR Posted - 30 October 2001 1:12
Some habits are better broken quick and complete. Like alcoholism for instance, according to many experts.

Behavior like being friends with boys is hard to slowly change. Probably its easier to just say "I'm outta here" and cut off all contacts. It depends if you can handle it.

LovLe7 Posted - 28 February 2002 0:52
What if you work diligently in one area and in other areas you don't strive at all? Somethings you don't even want to try to perfect. But is it 'ok.' b/c you are working on other areas?

senior09 Posted - 27 February 2006 17:51
There is definitely a concept in Judaism of taking "baby steps." When a baby walks, he takes one step, two...and then he falls. BUT HE GETS BACK UP--this is the key. You might be going slowly, and you might be falling backwards. But that's okay if you're still moving towards the goal. And yes, falling back can mean moving forward--IF you get back up.

That's the danger with baby steps; not picking yourself right back up again. Remember, life is like a down escalator--when you're not climbing, you're sinking.

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