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mra Posted - 06 July 2005 17:54
I'm really curios what TAG high school is like. I really need this posted Mod. b/c I really don't know what I'm heading myself into but tons of work!!!!
watchmego Posted - 13 July 2005 16:48
hey ill be a senior in tag this comming yr. the most distigishing thing about tag as most know is there vareity of types of girls who go there, and sometimes this was critized as being a bad thing but i could sayt as an insider it has made my experiance thhere amazing. i cant even describe to u the feeling i have of pride in my skewl when i hear bout the politics and social issues in some of my friends skewl, and know nothing like that will ever happen in tag. while some might say our skewl lacks certain aspects of compation in the administration adn or in our academic and extracuricular departments i belive the warmth u will feel from the students in my skewl is worth those minute setbacks. i couldnt tell fromu post but if ur coming to tag next yr cant wait to cyou and u wont regret it and if ur just thinking about it i would highly recomed it its def something worth getting urself into
mra Posted - 28 July 2005 1:33
yes i'm coming to tag next year but i'm really not so excited. even with what you said about the variety of girls i heard that there is alot of girls continuing from tag so they didn't except alot.i don't have any older sisters so i don't even know what high school i slike. so if you could just try to tell me what the work is like(hard,easy). I would also like to know what cheseds-if you remember-i'm able to do? really i just want to know if i can do any kiruv? i have plenty more but i can't describe them so thanks for responding and if you can please answer
tagger Posted - 28 July 2005 15:18
10th grade spends the year doin kiruv with HAWQ, i beleive 10,11, and 12 do JEP
in my opinion the work isnt that hard , and barely overbearing. are you coming in for 9th grade? 9th grade year is pretty easy.
theres a ton of chesed in tag. tons of commities to choose from.. seriously theres like a million different cheseds. thres also kiruv overseas and i dont recall which grades can do it. anyway.. if youre coming from 9th grade, whatever you heard about most of the girls coming from the junior high is soo wrong...alot of them are going to other schools, in my friends class, 6 girls are COMING to tag...anyway i wish you much hatzlacha, and remember first impression is everyhting (thats what went wrong with me) remember then world stand on TAG- Torah Avoda vi Gemilat chasadim
mra Posted - 24 August 2005 21:45
NOw I'm really nervous!I don't know anything about what I'm heading into!What are the teachers like? Will I have anythin gto challenge myself to?thanx
mra Posted - 24 August 2005 21:45
Now that school is nearing i'm really getting nervous. I have another question- are we really supposed to teach ourselves halachos from the kitzor and then the school tests us on it? In my opinion this is not an easy topic!
What is the test schedule like( is it wacked like the j.h.)?
mod. please pots b/c i really want answers
postag Posted - 26 August 2005 19:12
that kitzur thing is not true! there are weekly parsha tests on rashis and i barely studied for them and did fine- it was never a big deal. tag is really not a hard school! i would call it easy compared to most schools. i found that it was as hard as you make it- some classes are done by level and in 11 an12th grades you have some choices that will give you morer or less work. the teachers are pretty normal, some are great and others arent that amazing. youll get used to it and be fine. good luck and make the most of it
byla Posted - 26 August 2005 19:15
Mra, yeah, you actually do have to do those parasha preps etc, but they are totally not hard, so don't worry. Besides, freshies are allowed to get like 1/2 the thing wrong anyway, so it's like so not a prob. (i never studied in ninth grade.)Did you go to TAG elementary school, btw?
This year they changed the make-up test day to Sunday instead of Wednes. nite, which is a little weird, but whatever.
Anyway, you should totally be excited! Freshie orientation is like this week, right? TAG is a really great school! All the teachers are very caring and nice. You shouldn't be worried about difficulty because there are honors and accelerated classes and if you can't handle something you can just go to the lower class.
TAG is such a great school! Just have a good attitude and you'll have a great time! :-) Don't be nervous!!!
tagger Posted - 28 August 2005 2:52
ur in 9th grade so u only have to get 5/12 of the multiple choice yom tov and parsha quizzes for the whole first term. dont stress it.
there are alot of tests but i dont think its that crazy , but i ddint think the jh was either.
dont worry, tag is gr8.u will like it
mra Posted - 01 September 2005 21:14
now i'm just nervous and i have this certain teacher in the elementry school to whom i look up to and now i'm leaving( right after finding someone i trust) thanx for all o fyour responses
simtag Posted - 08 September 2005 21:52
k- this is for mra- i used 2 go 2 tag. tag is a gr8 skewl! the grls there r fantastic grls, and def fun 2 b around! the work itself is not that hard as u hear it is. the parsha quizzes r every monday and u do have 2 prepare them urself. theyre not hard- bleeve me. the teachers r gr8- just hope u get the REALLY gr8 ones. the chesed program is awsome! i loved it! theyre r sooo many 2 choose from. hands on, chaverim, homebound, nursing home, help a mom, bnos, jep, kiruv overseas, just 2 name a few! u'll love it! if u have any questions just ask! i just have one piece of advice 4 u... just stay below the radar...........
2frum Posted - 09 September 2005 2:42
I don't go to tag but i really like what I hear about it. My freinds are in it and really like it. I hear that they don't have too many rules about tznius, free time...but being in the school makes them be able to choose for themselves what is right and that is how many grow. I hear the school as a whole is amazing, teachers are great, not too political, very friendly... I wish you luck and really reccomend this school.
mra Posted - 09 September 2005 2:42
THank you so much fo rresponding. I just have one more question regarding work(for the time being) will I have anything to challenge myself to or it's only easy and in a sense boring?
Now I have another question-where are alot of girls from?and how strict is the uniform?
Byla- i did go to tag for the past ten years
now i rememer one more question. What am I supposed to do with the kitzor sheets i got in the mail?
mra Posted - 11 September 2005 16:04
SimTag, thanx it's going to be the first week of school and i'm still nervous(even though i've been there for two days) I find that there i swork, despit ewhat people say and so far it's ok. Funny question, what i sa big sister for? and do we get the same teachers next year? such as in math b/c its a 1 and a half year course. thanx so much for answering
jkl; Posted - 11 September 2005 16:23
btw they even have a cheer that goes "we love camp tag yeah, yeah!" so it sounds like really a lot of fun.
simtag Posted - 16 September 2005 0:56
mra- my frends in tag say that the work this yr did get alittle tougher than last yr- but that could just be b/c its the beginning and they always do that- u know give that "hard impression". i dont think u'll go thru the yr challengeless, u will have challenges- just wait 4 them 2 come. now 4 a big sister.... its a good thing if u want it 2 b. i had an adorable little sister and we were frends. b frends with ur big sister and have fun with her. shes there if u need help or to talk 2........... yadayada...good luck!!
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