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1990 Posted - 05 June 2005 12:54
I'm new to this site but I was wondering if anyone knew of a girls high school, small, but a Bais Yaakov Hashkafa??
tbjchick87 Posted - 08 September 2005 21:52
I went to a chilled out bais yaakov high school its in Toronto called Tiferes Bais Yaakov. it is in its 6th year now b'h. what type of school are you looking for? This is a basi yaakov hashkafa but where you can still ask questions and definately recieve answers. There are about 85 girls i beleive -something around there..1 class per grade usually.
Basi Posted - 08 September 2005 21:52
Yeah, she's right--RITSS seems like your match.

I don't think they have many boarders, and it's a mostly chassidish school with very strict rules (no going to the public library, probably no internet), but there is a school in Los Angeles called Bnos Esther and the girls are mamash amazing--such a warm place.
You might try Bais Yaakov of Baltimore--I'm not sure how small it is, but I hear they're very welcoming.
Bais Yaakov of Ramapo is also a place I've heard good things about and I think it is quite small, although I'm not sure.
If you want more information about any of these schools, just let me know. Please give us some more feedback also.

1990 Posted - 09 September 2005 18:51
Thanks so much for your replies! Can you tell me a little bit more about RITSS and Bnos Esther. As of right now i'm still in the same school i was in before but i'm still looking for possibilities for next year.
(where is Bais Yaakov of Ramapo?)
Thanks again
Basi Posted - 11 September 2005 16:04

"Thanks so much for your replies! Can you tell me a little bit more about RITSS and Bnos Esther. As of right now i'm still in the same school i was in before but i'm still looking for possibilities for next year.
(where is Bais Yaakov of Ramapo?)
Thanks again"

Bais Yaakov of Ramapo is near Monsey. They are still at (845)356-0580 I think, although if that number is wrong, just let me know because I can ask my friend who goes there.

Okay, so like I said almost all of the girls at Bnos Esther are chassidish. Their standards of tznius are very high, and the girls seem to enjoy the benefits of living up to those standards, B"H. They are very strict in the sense that they don't allow the girls to go to the public library, read secular books, expose themselves to much secularism at all, etc., but at the same time they are warm and caring from what I've heard.
The girls I know from Bnos Esther are very very warm, happy, refined girls who would probably be very welcoming although I can't say I know for sure.
Here is their address and phone number (I think their are correct):
Bnos Esther
Phone: (323) 634-7432

Look at 233(written on bottom)/190 (total) for RITSS. The girls seem very nice, both limudei kodesh and limudei chol seem to be on a fairly high level.

You might look on the same list at pg 170 (Manhattan High School), although it's a little big.

Keep in mind that these school are all VERY different from each other.

Hope this help--please ask any questions you have, and let me know how it goes.

Got2GreatKids Posted - 11 September 2005 16:04
I went to Bais Yaakov of Ramapo. If you have any specific questions let me know. I also have a family member in Bnos Esther, but it is most definitely a chasidish school. I do have to say she loves it. G'luck.
1990 Posted - 12 September 2005 12:48
Look at 233(written on bottom)/190 (total) for RITSS"
What does this mean??
It seems from what everyone's writing that Bnos Esther is very chasidish- one problem with that is I'm not chasidish at all!!.
About RITSS- what are the standards of the girls there??
Thanks again
Basi Posted - 13 September 2005 18:03
I don't know so so many specifics about RITSS, so someone else will have to help you with that. If Bnos Esther seems very right for you, then I would do a few things:
1) Ask yourself if you think you would be comforable being in a group of girls who are all chassidishe, in a chassidishe atmosphere. Do you know many intensely chassidish girls? If you do, think about them. I do know that there is at least one girl in the school who is not chassidishe, so I don't think you would be the only one.
2) Also, call the school and speak to them. Maybe ask them if you could speak to one of the girls. If they say yes, try to feel out the social/philosphical situation in the school when you are speaking with the girl.
Basi Posted - 16 September 2005 0:56
Sorry about the numbers--just ignore them.
1990 Posted - 16 September 2005 0:56
Thanks Basi for all the info. It seems that bnos esther wouldn't be for me. But Shoshee you mentioned that you go to RITSS- could you tell me abt the girls and atmosphere of the school
neshama Posted - 06 October 2005 19:00
It sounds like you might like Bais Yaakov Denver. It's BY hashkafa, you'll be satisfied intellectually, warm, welcoming atmosphere, the girls are a lot of fun (if you like singing, there's a lot of that) good teachers, and a nice community. They also have a dorm with many out- of- towners.
Everyone I know from there sings its praises. Hatzlacha.
Basi Posted - 21 October 2005 13:42
Yeah, B"Y Denver might work, but it's pretty big.
1990 Posted - 21 October 2005 13:42
is BY of Denver big??
Love2Bhappy Posted - 21 October 2005 13:42
i went to the bais yakkov of denver camp which wuz in the by skool dorms.. the dorms r gorgeous and everyone i spoke 2 who went to skool there absolutely LOVED it.....
nechy Posted - 30 October 2005 15:22
love2bhappy- when did you go?
NOTSUREWHOIAM Posted - 06 November 2005 1:17
i saw that someone suggested that 1900 go to by of baltimore and i just wanted to say that by of balimtore is a huge school its has over 100 girls in each grade- i go there. Also i heard amazing things about by of denver and i no they have a shabbaton each year and girls who are not in the school are invited to come try it out. here is their info Bais Yaakov ~ Beth Jacob High
School of Denver
5100 W. 14th Ave
Denver, CO 80204
(303) 893-1333
FAX (303) 573-4932
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