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Anything about JUDAISM
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Lynx Posted - 04 September 2001 23:10
I really enjoyed your daily halachah lessons... well, maybe enjoyed isn't really the right word. I needed them. I don't know much about kashrus except the basics, and I'm always scared I'm going to do something wrong. I go to a BY but they just don't teach us that stuff there. I asked a teacher in class one time how we are supposed to be able to keep a kosher house without learning it in school and she said that we are supposed to be learning right now from our mothers and we should watch and ask them questions. But my mom doesn't know what she's doing most of the time either. A lot of the time I may be eating treife and not know it just because a spoon fell in somewhere and my mom says well it's okay it wasn't liquid it was dry so we use the spoon and I don't even know if that's kosher. She always says "it's most probably okay but you shouldn't do it just in case" but if it happens then only the first part applies.
Anyway, those daily halachos- are you getting them from a book or something where I could learn the rest? I really would like to learn them... will you continue to put them on this site?
MODERATOR Posted - 05 September 2001 1:01
OK. I will try. Thanks for the kind words.

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