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smile4me Posted - 13 February 2005 13:47
my teacher said its asur to read a secular book on shabbos. is that true?
amolam Posted - 19 July 2005 14:31
Missing 2005 Posts:

MODERATOR Posted - 13 February 2005 7:55
Yes it is true.

HZ Posted - 17 March 2005 20:30
Depends what kind of books.

Maamin Posted - 07 July 2006 19:06
why is that???
snelling Posted - 07 July 2006 22:24
Aside from any "do's and donts" involved, its just not in the spirit of shabbos. There are HUNDREDS of wonderful, easy-to-read seforim and Jewish books, why insult the shabbos by throwing all that aside and reading something secular??
smile4me Posted - 08 April 2007 18:33
i dont know...i just found this thread, dont even remember asking this q, but no offense as im struggling with lots of things and shabbos is really hard for me, im not gonna pick up a sefer, and i've read every jewish book thats out there. i will continue reading non jewish books on shabbos to help me get thru it...
i think i need to work on way more impt things than this.
taon Posted - 08 April 2007 19:04
sometimes I do the same thing. The point, as I'm sure has been written here a billion times, is trying. I first made sure that if i was gonna read secular books, they wouldn't be ones that are prohibited altogether. If i have another thing i can do instead, i try. including, at the very least, reading something tyhat requires more looking, so it's not reading as much. the books cant be so addicitng i wont try anything else (that wouldnt be allowed anyway), and, of course, this is all if I can't learn Torah, etc., and then, there are Jewish books which aren't sefarim, but count as Jewish. how's it going with you?
aniohevet613 Posted - 08 April 2007 19:43
I have a very hard time with this. it's not that i want to read secular books at all, but my parents want me to study. they say shabbos isn't a vacation day, etc etc. they don't make me write or anything like that, but they say you can pick up a math book or history book and READ! any tips?
smile4me Posted - 08 April 2007 21:42
taon, its going pretty good with me...but when ppl say things like its assur to read secular books on shabbos, it makes me angry. like, come on... im just trying to get thru shabbos with my head out of the toilet(lol a little to graphic?)
and i read and have read every jewish book that came out and comes out. it bothers me how so many of them are so poorly written but thats a whooole other story.
the point is that maybe i should work on um...keeping basic halachos and not even think about things like reading secular books on shabbos. when i'm up to that level, i'm sure i'll want to work on that....
aniohevet-i think u should ask a rav...

Make Aliyah Posted - 08 April 2007 21:42
aniohevet: When I was in high school, I would study on Shabbos for my Judaic exams-- chumash, navi, etc. (If you like studying with friends, then it can even be like learning b'chavrusa, which works for some people.) Like your parents, I felt that I simply could not take a whole day off from my schoolwork each week, so that was how I studied on Shabbos. (Of course only by reading my notes, never writing).

When I started college (at a secular university), I planned to keep Shabbos "kulo kodesh" and never let my schoolwork interfere. But the workload was crushing, and I couldn't keep it up, so I asked a rav of mine from seminary if I could read any of my textbooks or notes on Shabbos.

Although he made it clear that there are surely more spiritual (and enjoyable ways) for me to spend Shabbos and Yom Tov, he said it was mutar for me to study subjects that fall under the category of "chochma," such as science. I got through a lot of readings for my science courses and studied for science quizzes this way. (But I always checked with the rav about the new classes I was taking each semester.)

Speak to a rav about this so that you have halachic guidelines to follow. But be careful.

Believe me, I understand how much schoolwork there is and how little time there is to do it, but there is a very fine line between studying on Shabbos while still feeling the sanctity of Shabbos v. feeling like Shabbos is not so different from the other days of the week.

taon Posted - 11 April 2007 1:11
how'd it go? one thing i find is, i get so repulsed by what's in the 'nicer' books, i cant read them anymore, though i still want to, but that's my yetzer hara, you know? about Jewish books, there are story collections and such. ZI think there's a thread somewhere about good Jewish fiction, I dont know where... i once printed selections from Frumteens to help motivate me. doo you have any advice?

questions? search for the appropriate thread here:

Elchonon Posted - 11 April 2007 3:57
I agree with smile4me. There are heterim for reading certain kinds of books on Shabbos( books that bring one to admire Hashem,like scienc and nature style books), and if not reading them is harmfull to her spiritual growth why should she harm herself? -Elchonon
Metuka Posted - 11 April 2007 5:04
i dont think its a question of the secular books enhancing her spiritual growth, i think its more a question of working on actual halachot before chumrot.. but smile, i dont think anyone will say you should work on chumrot like secular books before first working on keeping actual halachot- though i dont see the moderator telling you its okay to continue reading secular books either lol.
depressedAngel Posted - 11 April 2007 14:59
are all secular boks prohibited mod? and if they are can u tell me the source for that
taon Posted - 11 April 2007 15:19
not all, but many kinds, icluding romance books, war books, and others. see Shulchan Aruch Oras Chaim 307:16, and the Mishnah Bruah there. secular books are permitted for breaks, but the question is, how much is too much? any books that would be addicting and keep you from Torah studies instead of refreshing you for them would be problematic, generally prohibited.

Arctic_Circle Posted - 11 April 2007 15:19
Anyone for whom not reading any secular books on Shabbos would pose a real problem should consult a rov– a competent, experienced poseik who is familiar with and understanding of one’s situation.
depressedAngel Posted - 11 April 2007 16:53
thank you so much. i learned this halacha in 9th grade and i stopped reading secular books on hsabbos last year but recently my sis told me she heared that it wasnt assur so i just wanted a source to show her
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