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Anything about JUDAISM
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SmileySimcha123 Posted - 07 October 2011 2:53
My mom is pressuring me to wear jeans for the winter....not skirts! What should I do?! I don't want to wear jeans. I need help.
taon Posted - 19 October 2011 4:16
Why? is it for the warmth?
SmileySimcha123 Posted - 23 October 2011 15:38
Yes it's for the warmth, and for some reason she doesn't want me to wear skirts ALL the time. I just don't know how to tell her this is what I feel I should do.....
rali Posted - 23 October 2011 19:54
Hey, Firstly, I want to say that I think it's great that you're so concerned about Tznius, despite what your Mother thinks :)
I think that you need to talk to her, tell her exactly why it is that you can't wear jeans, and perhaps suggest alternatives-thick tights work just as well.
Good luck!
And don't give up!!
soulrebel Posted - 26 October 2011 18:05
Buy some of those really warm leggings and tell her you'll wear them under your skirt
SmileySimcha123 Posted - 26 October 2011 18:05
Thank you so much! This really helped me (: My Mom is becoming more and more understanding now. Thank you thank you thank you!
patoodle Posted - 07 November 2011 3:50
Jeans skirts with leggings underneath??? :)

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