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Skep Posted - 07 October 2011 2:53
I was talking with a friend of mine recently and we got onto the topic of emunah. We both agreed on the fact that if there was even one mistake in the Torah, then the whole entire Torah would be posil (disqualified, not-kosher).

He told me, that there is one letter difference between the Ashkenazi Torah and the Sphardi Torah; he didn't have the exact source on the top of his head, but he said it was a difference of a 'hei' and an 'alef', just one letter, in one word of the Torah - by the Sphardim it is 'alef' and by the Ashkenazim it is 'hei'.

Can you confirm this? I am somewhat confused here. He couldn't have just made it up, right? Maybe you can give a source, and hopefully an explanation I can return to him?


MODERATOR Posted - 09 October 2011 1:52
That's the Yemenite sifrei torah. They were separated form the rest of Klaal Yisroel, so they got a couple such minor issues. IThere's a machlokes whether or not their Sifrei Torah can be used.

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