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SMILE521 Posted - 22 September 2011 3:34
im 15 and and since elemntry i wanted to switch schools out of town (dorm) bec of everything that goes on at home..
i dont get along with mother it seems so typical but its soo much worse.
my dad was sick and i dont even know him anymore bec hes on medicine.and he acts so diffrent he hardly has money and i work for myself i buy my cell phone!!!! its so annoying AND ITS SO HARD TO REPECT HIMI NEED ADVICE??

we use to have a nice car but now we have a stupid junky crashed buik im not exaggerating i know a car doesnt repressent u its HOO u are inside!! but im soo embarrased of the car and never tell my mom to take me anywhere i dont even know how i get home from school sometimes i walk or i get a ride!!its fustrating
besides this i share a room with 2 sisters older then me and i dont rlly get along with them there soo messy and they always take my clothes ect im a very organized person and i like thing to be very neat i scream at them alot but i need my privecy.....and space!!!

not only that i have a older brother thAts 22 and hes been actin weird and crazyy sice his break up few days before the wedding hes depressed and he cureses alot and physical fites with my dad beleive me it can get scaryy!!he stoped goin to shull who even know if hes shomer shabbat!! and im scared that hes gonna ruin my family rep actually he prob did!!!(i use to be sooooo close to him) i want him to be kicked out of the house i hate himmmm !!!im scared my little bro will get influence even myself bec i curse sometimes!!!!
soory soo longg ....also in school im soo embarrssed of my priciple she knows my whole life story i use to talk to her abt it now i cant even lokk at her !! i want to switch school i get very stressed sometimes and depressed!!!! i only have 10 girls i my class and there not even my real friend they live in brklyn!!! i want to go to brklyn school i dont care anywhere but here!!! ..... i spoke to my principle abt switching school she understands and she looked for schools for me and it didnt work out!! she said she know of a school in england called gates head (only from 11th grade and up i have 1 more yr)have u heard of it??wat typ is it?? but i feel like shes just gonna push it offf till like next yr and then the next yr until i grad this school i rlly want to switch schools !!


im a reg relig girl trien to do better but i i feel like if i dont swich schools i can slip off the derech!!! helpppp thanx sooo muchhh pllz replyy i need advicee

Allison Posted - 28 September 2011 2:56
smiles521... hellooo i love you and Hashem loves you even more!!!! keep that in mind all the time! i admire you so much for always managing to keep a smile on your face! u have so much to look up too and i see that you are always striving to become better and always want to do the right thing!and even with all the hard tests that Hashem gives you and puts in front of you, you use it to help you grow and you are always wanting to know the truth!!!! just know that whatever happens at the end is in Hashems control only and is the BEST for you! just keep striving and becoming the best person you could be! I LOVE YOU!!!
P.S. i like your usrname... jake ;)
love ya! Posted - 07 October 2011 2:53
i wanna tell ya one thing loud and clear DO WHATS BEST FOR YOU AND DONT BE SCARED OF WHAT OTHERS THINK (like shidduchim) if you think that swiching is whats best for (which im sure is) then pleeeese do it. If you live for shidduchim your not living the present which is worse. you sound like an amazing person with tons of strength, I admire you!

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