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funcused93 Posted - 22 September 2011 3:34
Hey so basically I grew up relig and went "off" about two years ago. Since then I've been keeping shabbos on and off. Right now I just stopped talking to most of my friends because I know when I hang out with them I end up drinking and doing drugs. I have no one to hang out with on shabbos so I end up using my phone to entertain myself. Some people say that I should b taking one step at a time but isn't shabbos one of the first steps but then again being sober and not using comes first. I'm confused and sad about not feeling any guilt when I'm mechalel shabbos. Any advice?
patoodle Posted - 28 September 2011 2:56
I think Shabbos should come first before stopping the drinking and using. Shabbos will elevate you and then you won't need the drinks or drugs. I have heard that "the taking it slow" idea can really only be applied to people who have never been religious who are trying to become religious.

I think you should try to keep shabbos in completion. Do it this very week!

Here are the steps!

1) Tell your family that you are going to try to keep shabbos.
2) Drop your phone off at your friend before Shabbos
3) Try to make it for at least the friday night meal.
4) Stay in your house the entire Shabbos - keep away from your friends and if they try to find you, resist the temptation to go with them.

5) Find stuff to do that doesn't involve electricity. Books, games, talking with your family, etc.

If you do this one week, you can do it again. With time, as your feel shabbos more, you will feel guilt when you are mechallel shabbos.

Hatzlacha! You can do it!

taon Posted - 07 October 2011 2:53
these friends sound like they may be the worse option since they seem like bad influences. Is there anyone who wouldn't get you to do such things? Or is there something in your community that you could join, to better spend your time on Shabbos and to meet new people?

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