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yotan Posted - 22 September 2011 3:34
Dear rabbi moderator,
Thanks for this great website. It helped me a lot. I was wondering how to answer someone who says the world is older than 5771 years by saying that we have proof of civilizations and languages older than 5771 years.
look-upward Posted - 28 September 2011 2:56
There are places that claim to have evidence that their citites were around in some form for longer than any scientist claims humanity existed. And these claims were once acepted. Clearly, further information disproves past dating systems. This issues have been discussed elsewhere, search for dating evidence.

By the way, I do not know what the svidence you are referring to is, but last I heard there was some controversy on the subject.

taon Posted - 28 September 2011 2:56
I believe the earliest recorded history is dated at about 4000 years old. I dont know how you could find recorded evidence for language except from writing, and i believe the earliest writing is dated also at 4000 years, and longer estimates are to account for the development of languages, witht he assumption they werent there since the beginning
patoodle Posted - 28 September 2011 2:56
One answer is than their methods of dating archeological finds are not accurate.

Another possible answer is that the mabul - with it's boiling hot water, aged the earth.

Another answer is that the world was created to look as if people and animals had walked the earth before modern times. The worlds was created with the dinasour skeletons.

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