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MODERATOR Posted - 18 August 2011 16:53
Frumteens is in the process of being transfered to another website. We are in the middle of testing it. The URL will still be, but the software will be totally modernized (our current software is over 12 years old!).

More great news: The founder of Frumteens will be the SOLE Hashkafic and Halachic authority, he will NOT be anonymous (many of you already know who he is - it is not a secret), so the Hashkafa and Halachah will be more monolithic.

There will be a frum (like this), plus articles. There will be Moderators helping with administrative tasks, as well as special forums with other Moderators who - now get this, because this is the most amazing thing about the new site - [b[ who are former frumteens grown up!!!.

That's right - frumteens has affected an entire generation of teenagers (over a decade's worth, which is more than a generation in teenage years), many of whom are now grown with their own families in positions of chinuch or other professions. Some of these frumteens graduated will now be returning as Moderators!

We have many, many great ideas waiting to happen. A Rav, frumteens graduates running the show - it is a dream come true!

Also, it will feature LIVE VIDEO SHIURIM FROM THE MODERATOR, with participants able to ask questions in the middle via IM!

This is really going to be amazing. We have already started transferring certain posts from her to there (actually, removing them form here after they have already been posted there), but this site will remain "archived" for anyone to look up any old post that remains here.

What made this happen? Well, par tof it was the need to upgrade for a long time. But also, a Godol has been pushing the Original Founding Moderator, who is a Rav in his real life,to return to being active teaching Hashkafa on frumteens, as the need is greater now than ever (he has been besically retired for several years now).

So he will be back.

And now here's the bets part. You can visit the new site / sites already! But PLEASE DO NOT POST ANY QUESTIONS THERE YET!!!! We are not ready for the load. Just please check out the site and come back here with suggestions. Put the suggestions in this forum.

The new Rav of the site and the new Moderators are eagerly anticipating your input while our professionals are working on building the site.

The temporary, test stage URL of the site is:

Pleas eog there, check it out, DO NTO POST QUESTIONS YET and com back with suggestions!


twinkletwinklekocavim Posted - 23 August 2011 22:33
Can one be able to see their previous posts?
like sometimes my posts do not submit for a while, can you make it that i can see if it has been looked out, and then if it has been looked at then like checkboxes by YOU why it hasn't been posted
(ex: explict, hascafic issues, spelling issues, makes no thinking sense etc)
Yoseph Posted - 26 August 2011 0:20
One option you may wish to consider, is to leave all the old posts on as an archive available for anyone to read but not post to, and going forward all new posts would be on the new site.
flybird Posted - 28 August 2011 20:36
is it just for teens, or for everyone?
MODERATOR Posted - 28 August 2011 20:36
Yeshivish613 Posted - 31 August 2011 23:46
Mazal Tov on the new site!

In the past I got very frustrated because many of my posts would not get put up, even after waiting for a long time. Is it possible that for the new website, when someone tries posting something and it's not put up for whatever reason, can one of the moderators send a short email to the poster just explaining in short why the post was not put up. I would really appreciate this because a lot of times I try posting, and I think my questions are valid questions (and I searched thoroughly to make sure they weren't already discussed elsewhere on the site), and they still were never put up...

Yeshivish613 Posted - 31 August 2011 23:46
Another suggestion I have:

You mentioned that the new website will feature "LIVE VIDEO SHIURIM FROM THE MODERATOR, with participants able to ask questions in the middle via IM!"

Would the moderator be able to take a topic already discussed at length on frumteens (e.g. Zionism, Lubavitch, etc.) and give people a chance to ask any question they had about something the moderator said. [If it's something already answered on frumteens, then the moderator can just answer "We already discussed that on frumteens. Please check it out"] This way people will be able to get answers to questions they had which they tried posting about but never received an answer.

Orthodox Independent Posted - 31 August 2011 23:46
The founder of Frumteens will be the SOLE Hashkafic and Halachic authority

the Original Founding Moderator, who is a Rav in his real life,

The new Rav of the site

I'm confused as to what you mean by the "new Rav of the site". Do you mean someone other than the original Moderator?

actress91 Posted - 31 August 2011 23:46
when will it be ready? and who is the rabbi who founded frumteens?
Yoseph Posted - 31 August 2011 23:46
Is the new site in operation? Questions and answers seem to be going up there. How long will this site remain operational?
MODERATOR Posted - 19 September 2011 2:18
Ok, ok, here's the explanations:

The original Moderator has not been really active on the site for years, although the subsequent Moderators do consult with him.

He will be the Rav of the new and improved website, as per the request of a certain Godol who sees in Frumteens a very much needed resource for teenagers - and adults - to protect against the Hashkafic deterioration (and confusion) that we have unfortunately seen so much of in recent years.

He will be working hands-on, like he did years ago on frumteens, answering our questions.

There will also be other Moderators - all of them former frumteens who have grown up and are now ready to give to others some of what they received throughout the years as they were growing up.

Here is some information about the Rav:

His Shul's Website:

Here are some of his Shiurim on

More Shiurim from

An article by him in the OU magazine about kids off the Derech:

His Sefer on the Ramchal's Derech Hashem:

His Sefer on Chezkas Habatim:

The site should be up by after Yom Tov. It really works now - we just need to get out some kinks.

There will be a special section that will be basically a reproduction of the forums o frumteens, as well as other sections, designed for a more organized, step-by-step learning experience.

Please check out the site and give us feedback. We are very excited!

soldat Posted - 20 September 2011 0:31
Wow. So that's the original Moderator. No wonder this site is so amazing. It's awesome that we have someone of that caliber to answer our questions. Now can we know who the other Moderators are too??


MODERATOR Posted - 25 September 2011 14:40
Some. Soon.

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