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RuvenYisrael Posted - 02 August 2011 1:14
Hi I am a recent baal teshuvah and I am wondering what I should do after graduating high school. Right now I am in the public school system, and I don't have near the amount of learning that I imagine most of the people who went to yeshivah high schools have. I was wondering where to go post-high-school.

Getting a college degree is very important to my family (I am also interested in studying physics). I also want to become a rabbi though. is there any one that I will be able to get into that I will be able to both study Torah and get a degree in physics?

I know YU has a program like that but as I can tell from the discussions here that it is harder to have a Torah orthodox lifestyle there and that they have bad hashkafa.

Are there any Yeshivah that have good Hashkafa and have a degree program?

I also read in these forums that we are forbidden to take up secular studies as a curriculum. So can I not take up the degree program? What about people such as Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan who had a degree? Is studying it OK as long as you don't treat it as equal to Torah and use it to marvel at Hashem's work and preform tikun olam? or is it categorically forbidden?

If it is the case that it is forbidden under all circumstances, what is a good yeshivah to go to for a BT?

Elchonon Posted - 08 August 2011 0:53
While I cannot tell you what Yeshiva is best for you, as I do not know you, there are a number of Yeshivos that you might want to consider. Among the top of the list, you may take interest in Ohr Sameach, located in the Sanhedria neighborhood of Yerushalaim. They have many different levels of instruction, in addition to varied curriculems in order to match the varied backrounds of their many students. You will also come in contact with many incredible Talmidei Chachamim and personalities. While you will probably not be able to obtain a degree in physics from Ohr Sameach, you will be able to receive some credits frm them- which will assist in cutting down the number of extracariculer courses that you would be required to take in the freshman year of college. You can research all this yourself at You may also be interested in Ohr Sameach in America. They have a program in Monsey. You may be interested, as well, in Aish Hatorah. They are located i the Old City, in Yerushalayim. They have a reater focus on philosophy, and seem to have a bit more interest in being a rabbi-producing factory, but they have produced many fine and well-rounded students. I am from neither of these Yeshivos, but I know many people and have many friends from both institutions. These are the most acclaimed and world-ronown of the types of Yeshivos for which you seek. If you want names of more Yeshivos, please tell me. -Elchonon
taon Posted - 11 August 2011 0:54
There are cases where you can take secular studies. To quote Rav Moderator: "If there is no pritzus and no prohibited studies, and it is needed for a parnassa, then college is halachicly permitted."

But it's much, much better not to go to college if possible.

I dont know if it's possible to put in all the work needed for a physics degree, and still learn for a nice amount of time.

As for a Yeshiva, we'll need more information
In Israel, America, or elsewhere? Do you feel comfortable with the basics of learning?
Would you rather a mostly baal teshuvah yeshiva, or a yeshiva which is more mixed in that respect?

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