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sweetsixteener Posted - 31 August 2011 23:46
im sixteen- sposed ta go inta 11th grade...
i left my school cuz i hated learning for no purpose.. i was sure i wuld get accepted to gatesheead n i wasnt.. so now i have 5 weeks till the new yr of skool starts n i have nowhere to go :(
i dont know wats gonna b with my life..
i have no friends, nothing to get up for in the mornin, no hashkafa.
i feel so bad in ,y heart- wat can i do????
i feel like i have no futer
someone plz help...
huh Posted - 09 September 2011 3:16
Hey sweetsixteener!
I read you post and wow, you pain comes right through. I wish I could have the perfect easy solution for you that will fix your life up in a second. But I wanna tell you, you DO have a future. I was just reading the "Mazel Tov!" section here and I was so impressed to see how many members who had struggled BH went on to amazing things. YOu also, BEH will. I don't know where you hold in your Emunah , but know that G-d gave you a unique mission to fill here and don't you dare give up. He put you here for a reason. All is not lost, one can do Teshuva at any point. The Tzaddik falls 7 times and gets up- his greatness is that he gets up. Try to get yourself up and moving. If you cant get into a school, make sure you are doing something else productive with your time. Do chesed, anything. Just keep yourself moving and giving to others.
taon Posted - 15 September 2011 23:35
I've been there. Look around for something that needs fixing, post here more, volunteeer, and keep trying. remember that your options change as you do. it can end well. if you let it, it will.
soulrebel Posted - 22 September 2011 3:34
Take the GED

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