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infiniteplaylist37 Posted - 27 July 2011 21:51
I understand the laws of tzniut, shomer negiah, and yichud. However, I keep seeing on this website all of these posts that discuss why women shouldn't do certain things (ex. wear their hair long, walk in front of a man) so that the men should not be attracted to them. Is a man not supposed to have any sort of physical attraction to any part of a woman's body? What about her face? If so, shouldn't we all be wearing hijabs?
I'm sorry if I sound rude - I'm aware that i probably do. This is not meant to be offensive, I'm just trying to undertsand.
Any help would be appreciated.
Halakhic Man Posted - 11 August 2011 0:54
Men are supposed to be attracted, thats why woman have a slightly stricter form of modest dress.
SaraK Posted - 11 August 2011 0:54

In answer to your question: According to Jewish Law, a guy should not be attracted to a strange woman. At all. In fact, it is prohibited for a guy to gaze at a woman's face.

Obviously, though, when a guy is dating with marriage in mind, it's important that he is attracted to the girl. And it goes without saying that he should think of his wife as Miss America. But the random girl/woman on the street and even some relatives (cousins, sisters in law, etc.) are considered "strangers" and he has no business checking them out....

Hope this answers your question.

Sdude1098 Posted - 11 August 2011 0:54
my understanding from a guy's point of view is that women dress tznius in order to avert attention from their bodies women are required up to a certain point in tznius and then it is a guy's duty to avoid looking at women and keep his thoughts more pure. This of course gets difficult when you are attracted to tznius women more than non-tznius but that is my own nisun and not the woman's problem.
soulrebel Posted - 18 August 2011 22:06
The idea is that we put in effort not to call attention to our physical selves, but if guys notice anyways, it's their job to make themselves not notice. Although I often feel like us girls are doing all the work here :(

Sdude- it makes sense, this is what you grew up with, what formed your understanding of "this is what Woman is". Ironic, yes, but logical.

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