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blackmamba Posted - 07 July 2011 23:44
it happens to be a fact that humans and chimps share the same dna. i think the only reason for this is that the descended from the same ancestors. (evolution)
MODERATOR Posted - 08 July 2011 12:14
Not the same. 96%.

But if that's what you think, think better.

Perhaps chimps were descended from humans?

More seriously, your idea is untenable. For starters,the Torah says that Adam was created by Hashem in a single day - not slowly developed during billions of years. And, l'havdil, the evidence against evolution is much stronger than your evidence here for it.

Which is no evidence at all. The reason they are similar in structure because they had the same Designer. If Alexander McQueen designs two outfits that have 96% the same underlying style it does not mean one descended from the other. It means they had the same designer.

The evolutionists will not accept this because they insist on retaining the baseless assumption that there was no Designer involved in creation. If there would not have been Hashem, then yes, it would be a weird coincidence that monkeys and humans have very similar DNA unless they were related. But once you bring in the fact that they both had a single Creator, it means nothing.

look-upward Posted - 17 July 2011 3:13
it happens to be a fact that humans and cats share 90% of the same genome i think the only reason for this is that they have similar basic parts.

monkeys have like 96% of the same genes, which also makes sense as two similar looking things mad eof the same matter would have many of the same parts. Although the calculations involved are very iffy for a few reasons, and the above numbers are just those which I saw.
I dont pretend to understand or know much about this, but I dont see how it means evolution.

surviver 2 Posted - 17 July 2011 3:13
we learned by dor haflaga some of the people turned into monkeys
look-upward Posted - 21 July 2011 23:01
Sorry, I didn't see Rav Moderator's post when I posted this.

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