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surviver 2 Posted - 22 September 2011 3:34
i had a very complicating high school years and now b"h i just graduated
my principal ttly disregarded rabbinom with my family situation and caused me real hell. ( i don't want to go into it)
now as person i really don't carry grudges and forgive everyone . now the hell she caused me i can forgive EXCEPT that as a principal of a religious Jewish school she ttly disregarded what every rabbi that was involved told her because she felt bad for my step mom . when its personal i can tell myself OK i had sins and now she caused me to suffer so my sins our gone .
but the fact that a principal can ignore rabbis when shes preaching us about emunas chachomim that i cant forgive.
so since i don't want to have a grudge. does anyone have any idea how i can bring myself to forgive her
if u do please post asap because i hate the feeling i can't forgive her thanks!
Shopaholic7 Posted - 28 September 2011 2:56
Hey I don't rlly hav advice but I think Ur amazing  bc u r rlly desperate 2 4give her idk wat 2 say but most ppl won't b interested in 4giving s1 like u described 
taon Posted - 28 September 2011 2:56

some people have this test of caring too much that it hurts others, and they dont realize they are. they're convinced they're sacrificing themselves to be kind when they're not.

soulrebel Posted - 07 October 2011 2:53
Gives a whole new meaning to "killing with kindness". Thanks for that flash of brilliance
surviver 2 Posted - 17 October 2011 12:35
thank for your answers im in sem and didnt have internet acsses so this yom kipper i still didnt forgive her
when i asked a sheila i was told that idont need to forgive her

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