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Anything about JUDAISM
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sternberg4ever Posted - 07 July 2011 23:44
my father died when i was 11. Now its almost four years later, and i just started understanding that he really died but i cant cry. i just became really depressed and angry and stopped coming to any meals with my family and my family is bothering me about it but im not telling anyone why and its hard for them to figure out b/c i just stopped coming to shabbos and yom tov meals 3.5 years after my father died. Im always very quiet about talking about my father, but i just started talking to my friend about it and im not depressed anymore, but i still dont come to meals. I think the reason i dont come is b/c i dont want to see my mom alone there. How should I start coming to meals again?
surviver 2 Posted - 17 July 2011 3:13
i lost my mother when i was 7 and i started to feel real pain when i was like 12-13 i was told by many ppl that if you lose your parent very youbg alot of times it takes a few years for you to feel the greig
about your meal issues if you are not on links you should join(they send this amazing magazine) the magazines often will discuss such issues may be see if you are emotionaly able to go after kidddish and challa
sternberg4ever Posted - 22 September 2011 3:34
i used 2 be on links but then i stopped cuz i felt like e/o was all happy in it and they were acting like e/o was okay when i wasnt. anyways i dont want my mom 2 know anything, and if i would start it again it would just be weird between us and i dont want 2 talk at all 2 my mom abt a/t that has 2 do w/ my dad.
surviver 2 Posted - 19 October 2011 4:16
im im seminary now so sorry i didnt answer my seminary is full of orfans and i was talking to one girl (and i think i might know who you are from her)and we both went through alot besides our loss and we ended up saying that not evryone who went through loss is even similer
i like the magazines bec occasionaly they have answeres and when not i ignore it but becousse evryones happy dont stop getting the magazine just dont go to events
if you feel i was rude disregard the whole log

God luves me;)

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