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omgomgomgomg Posted - 12 June 2011 2:25
OMG, how do you get a shidduch? I was just diagnosed with a rare genetic disease (at least it proves to people that I WAS NOT imagning things, and it WAS NOT physicological, but very very real!)
People who have experience, please help. What is the 1st step in getting a shidduch?
If the suggested person DOES NOT have the gene, then my kids WILL NOT HAVE IT. But Dor Yesharim does not check for this paticular gentic thing since it is rare. How do I tell a person I was set up with, please do an expensive genetic test first??
Please, if you have any experince, Please tell me.
P.S. anyone heard of PHHI???
hakul beyuduv Posted - 17 June 2011 2:07
First, I've never done Dor Yeshurim and I'm only in 9th grade, but we had a long discussion about it in class, so I'll try to help.
Second, I'm sure if you tell them you're a carrier for a certain disease, they'll take note of it.
Third, from what you wrote, it doesn't seem like you know how it works (that wasn't meant to be an insult!). Basically, they'll take a blood test to check for FD, CF, and some other common diseases, but they won't tell you what you're a carrier for; they'll only give you a number. When you meet a guy, you'll both call in your numbers and they'll tell you if your compatible. It's fairly simple, so you really have nothing to worry about.
Good luck!
baisyaakover16 Posted - 23 June 2011 2:26
i have heard of phhi, and i wish you much hatlacha in both controlling the phhi and finding a solution to your"shidduch problem".

A person is at their highest when they stoop down to help others- unknown

taon Posted - 23 June 2011 2:26
Dor Yesharim does sometimes check mfor other diseases, and they have been asked about hyperinsulism (of which PHHI is a form) before. There are also organizations which deal with various diseases and other physical issues, I can get the information (web addresses) to the Moderators if you want to contact them for it.
hakul beyuduv Posted - 07 July 2011 23:44
Eeeeep! I'm really sorry! I wrote that when I was very tired (finals!) and I just reread everything and I obviously didn't understand your post at the time. Sorry about that!
Anyway, why don't you wait until you become serious with someone and if he's your bashert and you guys are serious enough, I'm sure he won't mind doing the test. Good luck!

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