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Anything about JUDAISM
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sarahchana Posted - 15 September 2011 23:35
ok so my family is not frum at all however we attend chabad! its kinda complicated! we dont keep shabbos and yom tov... we keep kosher at home but they will eat out... they dont dress tznius i do... i am opposite of them... i keep shabbos/yom tov the best i could( only drive cause im forced to since my shul is 5ish miles from my house...a long walk no one is willing to do and they wont let me walk alone) i go away if i can... i keep kosher... however i go to a co-ed public school and HATE it!! its clear that i am a baal teshuva or at least in the process... my parents are not happy about it!! i am entering senior year and its time to start applying for college! now im a big home person! i love my comunitty which makes me not want to leave.. my parents dont want me to leave... they finacally support me whatever/where ever i go... they dont want me going to sem but thats where i want to go! how can i convince them???

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