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overit Posted - 20 May 2011 0:13
i love my friends and i think they really care about me. but i'm soooooo insecure about it! everytime she would talk to someone else or just not give me attention i feel so like.... jealous! uch its such a bad feeling. i'm always wondering if they love me and if they want to talk to me and if i'm bothering them. how can i just calm myself down that it's okay and she loves me too even if i don't get her attention every second????????
huh Posted - 12 June 2011 2:25
Hey! I struggle with this same thing also, it is such a bad feeling!

I usually try to make myself think: Hashem loves me and gives me everything i need at any given moment, and if my friends aren't able to be with me this second it not what I need now. I try to work on appreciating myself because Hashem appreciates me and loves me as opposed to valuing myself only based on if my friends do. I also try to work on focusing on my friends and seeing my friends good points and loving them as opposed to always focusing on me and if they love me.

I hope that helped! I would love to hear other suggestions also. Hatzlacha!!

shifpifer1 Posted - 07 July 2011 23:44
Oh my gosh! I thought I was the only person who felt like that, actually it only happens with people I'm not 100% friends with. Maybe they do something that makes you THINK that. You could be misinterpreting something they say or do. You probably need to learn self-trust and in result you will trust others.
sternberg4ever Posted - 31 August 2011 23:46
i feel like that also and i think a ton of people do also. what i try 2 do in situations like that is 2 switch e/t around and pretend i was the other person and then think how i would feel if s/o was tlking the same way and acting the same way 2 me. almost 100% of the time i wouldnt mind. after doing that a bunch of times it rlly works

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