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lev2398 Posted - 04 May 2011 21:57

I personally know a lot of frum girls, Bais Yaakov girls who have eating disorders. Has anybody else noticed this?
Personally I feel there is an indication that something is WRONG. Girls should not be hurting themselves in order to live a frum lifestyle.

evryrosethorns Posted - 12 May 2011 2:52
True. My sister works at a doctors office and she asks the girls who have eating disorders why they did this to themselves and they said its the only thing they can control-isn't that sad?! maybe then don''t enough attention from their friends and they think maybe if i'm "deathly skinny" people will like me??-I really never had that issue-B"H
but its sad people in the holocaust didn't have enough food and b/c of that they died but now people are starving themselves. people who anorexic or bulimic if they don't get help could have heart failure. People don't understand what a serious thing it is.
leavingandlooking Posted - 12 May 2011 2:52
It's not in order to live a frum lifestyle. It's not, as far as i know, caused by being Frum. And I don't know if religious girls have this more than non-religious/non-jews
hartzig Posted - 20 May 2011 0:13
of course it shows that s/t is wrong. but i don't think they are doing it in order to live a frum lifestyle.

do you think they'd all be perfect and 100% happy and eating normally if only they weren't frum?

there are lotsa probs out there, and some of them have crept into our way of life. that doesn't mean it is about being frum.

it can be about conformity, about societal pressure, about family relationships, self's always about a problem or problems. and even frum people have problems. for as long as we are here still waiting for Moshiach, when we will have the ideal relationship with Hashem and not be messed up any more, there are going to be issues. we're working with a compromised operating system.

and if you see kids w/eating disorders, tell someone you trust who will take action.

hakul beyuduv Posted - 02 June 2011 2:27
Honestly, I don't think girls are hurting themselves in order to have a frum lifestyle. I don't been to be rude and unjust to anyone here, but in my opinion, girls that come from large families don't always get enough attention and are stifled under the needs of their younger siblings. Many times, the eating disorder will stem from the attention that they're lacking and their lack of self esteem. When their are so many kids and the parents have so little time, unfortunately, in some families, the older siblings get 'left in the dark' and have no sense of self- worth, which many times will cause an eating disorder.

soulrebel Posted - 23 June 2011 2:26
There's an awful lot of pressure to be thin if you're a girl.

Maybe this is my imagination, but it seems to me like in the frum world our standards of good-looking are a bit -narrower- than the world at large? It's not considered outrageous for girls dress sizes to go on shidduch resumes. Our styles of clothing can't emphasize those parts of the body, so we can show off in a more approved way if we show off slimness? I have noticed that there does seem to be an overpopulation of the too-skinny around here, and sometimes I wonder if it's my imagination.

depressed4eva Posted - 23 June 2011 2:26
There are several reasons why individuals deveiop eating disorders; sometimes it can be something apparently insignificant to others but quite important to the person. One can be from a large family and get an eating disorder while another can be in the same situation and be fine and happy. The world is imperfect and there are several problems and however hard one works to have the "perfect" family and "perfect" kids they will be presented with obstucles.hence to the best u can but leave it up to god. And don't be quick to judge bec. U never know.

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