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hakul beyuduv Posted - 22 April 2011 3:14
Okay, so here's the dilemma. Last summer I was in Sternberg as a mother's helper and I ended up leaving early because I didn't enjoy it. However, the previous summer I was also a mother's helper for the same family and I absolutely loved it. For whatever reason, it just didn't work out.

Anyway, it's already the end of April and I have nothing to do for the summer and I know that it's not such a good idea to just 'hand around'. So I was thinking of going back, because now, months later, last summer didn't seem so bad. However, as it goes, time heals wounds and so I'm assuming that's why I have good recollections of last summer, despite not liking it while I was there. And I would like to go back and I probably would get a job as a mothers helper again, but I don't know if I would like it. The reasons that I didn't enjoy it last summer don't really apply now (at least I don't think), but I'm still hesitant. So, what should I do, because otherwise I'm gonna hang around the whole summer (which probably isn't a great idea)?

6721 Posted - 12 May 2011 2:52
well basically i think u shuld go .... i mean dont give up on sternberg...... for me it changed me in many ways....... and being home isnt always best because long conversations happen which normally in the teen world rnt so gehmak:) so go and enjoy

POET Posted - 20 May 2011 0:13
Personally I think sternberg is gr8! Its a fun and frum envoriment and gves u something productive to do as well. However hun, the decison is up to YOU. Go where your heart leads you! Good luck:)
torah247girl Posted - 07 July 2011 23:44
I gotta say its a REALY amazing and special camp. your experience rly depends on your POSITIVE ATTITUDE! your helppless w/o it. The b-rooms may gross and the food- ok nvm- but its the ppl! u make your closest friends there! Its all so new the 1st day but evry1s always crying last day... And shabbos @ camps just... incredible. Its just WOW! The singing, the peacefullness... But hello don't let ppl push u around. It is what u make it. Sternberg's a place 2 b yourself and unlock that inner u, all u gotta do is smile, grab a friends hand and just RUN in sternberg's open fields tht stretch 4ever laffing and screaming ur heds off. Jst b urself cuz @ sternberg nobody cares. The 1 thing tho everyone cares bout having a good time, and mayb that'll be u sitting round the campfire singing your heart out 2 the world in August '11!! :) Luvya Sternberg!! i wanna b there now!! go hav a blast, lol u could still sign up today
PSIT Posted - 07 November 2011 3:50
so happy u decided 2 come!!!!!

-- person who always talks 2 u on shabbos and is really sorry she wasnt able to say goodbye on the last day

hakul beyuduv Posted - 08 November 2011 0:22
wow!!!! i can't believe this!!! it's like a blast from the very recent blast! How are you?!? How's high school?!? I hear it's very different than it was last year! And I didn't know you come on here!!!! I check it fairly frequently, but I generally don't post/comment on things.

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