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be me Posted - 22 April 2011 3:14
I FEEL....
mad, angry, hurt, upset, rejected, stepped on, hated, loved, like garbage, nothing, real, fake, sad, like crying, hate, donít understand, want to understand, need to understand, lonely, like a looser, like cursing myself, like someone cursed me, ugly, fat, stupid, empty, unaccomplished, donít know anything, dirt, want to know, need to know, failure, horrible, a pig, no-one likes me, they pretend they do, I donít like myself, want to die, want to live, a liar, an embarrassment, mean, disgusting, dumb, chillul Hashem, kiddush Hashem, unhappy, unexcited, wanna be happy, annoying, hate family, hate my brain, my life, want to switch lives with someone else, need a hug, need to talk, need to do something, need Hashem, want to hold a grudge, scared, REJECT, like crying, like screaming, want to sleep forever, scared, scared to death, like melting, extremely scared, need to jump, to run, shaking, really cold, hope, no hope, scared, scared, scared, want to fly, want to be a bird, want to cry, donít want to, hate tears, love tears, want answers, hate questions, HATE FAKE PEOPLE praying, crying, yelling, shouting, everyone lies! Hopeless case, issues! Need help, so scared! Scared scared, cry from scaredness, Iím so scared so scared so scared, scared! scared! Scared! Scared! Scared! I cant I cant Iím scared! I cant stop writing. My hand wont stop moving. I have no control over this! Iím scared. Iím so so so so scared! Iím gonna die die die die die die I cant I cant I donít wanna I do I donít I cant I cant stop worrying

p.s. i wrote this in school today, i was having a really bad day...

idkanymore Posted - 29 April 2011 1:19
hey be me , u seem like your going thru a rly hard time right now .. im also ... i realy want to help you so plz post if there is anything i can do to help ......also , you MUST praise yourself for having the courage to write this all down on the internet .
you may not know this but for every person in the world , there is another person somewhere out there that loves them . i dont even know who u are but reading what you rote , i can totally relate to those feelings . im not that good at giving people chizuk but i wish you a ton of luck in getting over this obsticle , and if you need anything ( an inspireing link / mabe the admins can give you my email and we can chat ) but dont give up or loose hope .. people love you and care for you every day .. and dont forget that hashem is there for u all the time
hatzlacha , all the best :)
dizzleberry Posted - 12 May 2011 2:52
who, thats a lot to feel at once. i really wanna help you so can you be a little more specific? the best of luck!
be me Posted - 20 May 2011 0:13
thanks alot idkanymore
dizzleberry- idk alot happened at once that i was really upset about. my school is threatening me that theyre gonna kick me out and i feel so unwanted in school. i have all new friends, i mean thats a good thing but i feel mean replacing my old friends even though theyre the ones that ditched me which really hurt too. i fail everything and i feel so so stupid. i get very annoyed from my parents and they get so nervous that i dont communicate friendly to them. i just hate.... watever nevermind. idk everything is just so aaaahhhh! i know my probs sound so stupid compared to everyone else on this site but idk... sorry
taon Posted - 02 June 2011 2:27
Try writing one thing at a time. Looking at everything will just get you more nervous. Pleaes, tell us about what's going on.
be me Posted - 23 June 2011 2:26
well the truth is, i would totally write everything... it's just that i'm scared people cuz i think some people know who i am on this site and dont want them to see... but i really cant! i am so like confused!
tzumisht Posted - 30 June 2011 23:06
about the being scared pple know who you are-create another sn if it makes you feel better, and start another thread, or mind another one to write what you wanna say. you're more than welcome to write in my thread if you want (more camoflauge that way!) :) b'hatzlacha!
HTH Posted - 07 July 2011 23:44
Be Me, I'm so glad you shared your feelings. Honestly, when I saw your note, I thought you were really smart! So don't worry about feeling stupid. There is a big difference between being smart and doing well in school. Also, just as you feel that your world is collapsing, remember that you have a bunch of people who care about you and want to help you -- right on this site! We're all here to stand behind you, so feel free to be as open as you're willing. We're here for you...

tzumisht Posted - 17 July 2011 3:13
oh, and be me, it's not stupid!!!
leavingandlooking Posted - 27 July 2011 23:25
I agree, being you is completely not stupid ;)
be me Posted - 02 August 2011 1:14
wow thanks. you guys really made me smile. :) cant be on here for too long bu just wanted you to know that my life is starting o be much better but i hope it doesnt just last for the summer....
taon Posted - 08 August 2011 0:53
Try to make it keep. remeber the good and keep it with you. try to use this opportunity to make changes in your life
Shopaholic7 Posted - 11 August 2011 0:54
dont worry if it was 4 e1 2 rite there feelings it will sound way more crazier!!
HTH Posted - 18 August 2011 22:06
Cool! I'm so glad for you! Just keep on smiling...

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