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depressed4eva Posted - 22 April 2011 3:14
Hey guys,
So I've read a lot of these post and this is my first time actually writing anything, but here goes:)
I am a post high school girl, and not a helpless girl who lies in bed all day, I hold down a job, go to college and take care of a lot of other things...
For the last year I have suffered from anxiety attacks that sometimes seem like they happen out of the blue.
Most of it is linked toward my lives experiences which weren't so plesant to say the least and leave out the gorry details.
Anyway I have beeen going to a therapist for the past couple of months, I have gone to several in the past but most have been crappy, except for one but whatever....
So anyway, I am very against drugs but my therapist reccomended that I go to a psychatrist and get anti anxiety meds for the time being.
Quite frankly this SUCKS, I don't want meds, I don't want to be a FREAK, I want to find a SHIDDUCH one day, and not one that has imperfections, I want a GOOD GUY!!!! None of my family members know about this, because if they do they are going to start grouping me with other "imperfect" members of my family.... hardly any of my friends either because they will think of me differently...
this is killing me...
Anyway, point is are any of you out there on meds???? Can you share your experiences and prove to me that I am not a crazy jerk who is taking medication and it's not going to mess around my brain???
idkanymore Posted - 29 April 2011 1:19
hey so im on 2 types of meds right now , i wont lie , they do effect you in some way but the outcome and the things i gain from the meds is much better for me than if i wasnt on meds . im on meds for adhd and for depression ( be careful with those ... and never try to od on them i learnt the hard way ) anywho you are not crazy and there are a lot of other ppl just like you ... i personally am under 18 so my parents made the meds decision for me so i had no choice in the matter but why don't you mabe try it for like a month and if it doesn't work for you go back to not being on anything .... gluck :)
smile4me Posted - 29 April 2011 1:19
a crazy jerk???? for taking medication??? if you were diabetic and your doctor suggested insulun, would you think of youself as a crazy jerk for taking medication?
you didn't choose to have crippling anxiety.
the only thing i would be careful about is knowing upfront that anti anxiety meds are addictive and are temporary band aids. that being said, i've taken it for emergencies. i don't believe in suffering needlessly when there is a medication out there to help me. i am very careful with it, i don't abuse it, and i only use it if absolutely necessary. the majority of the time, i work through my anxiety with positive coping skills and self care.
you need to take care of yourself. that's all that matters. and the rest will take care of itself.
depressed4eva Posted - 20 May 2011 0:13
Thanks for your replies, they helped me see that I'm not alone, that others take meds. Anyway I ended up going to a psychatrist and being put on zoloft, its been three weeks and nothing chaged.
Well. Smile4me thanks for reinfocing the idea that I'm not a crazy jerk.
smile4me Posted - 25 May 2011 1:50
Sometimes it takes more than 1 or 2 tries to find the right meds. Hang in there.
funcused93 Posted - 02 June 2011 2:27
hey i am diagnosed with severe clinical deppression and anxiety... i was completely functional till my breaking point sometime last year... till then id have anxiety attacks and days where i just couldn't get out of bed... the meds i got saved me... i was suddenly able to enjoy things and funcion normally... i don't know where i would be without them... try lexapro, abilify, lamictol
depressed4eva Posted - 17 June 2011 2:07
Thanks for your support:) The whole deal with meds and all is so hard! Sometimes I just want to swallow some sort of "magic pill" that will eliviate my pain; even for a mere couple of hours! My life is just so.... hard.... you know what I mean?
rayray Posted - 17 June 2011 2:07
1. u would be surprised how many people dont judge or group u for ur imperfections bc we all have them
2. if u bring up the meds the right way maybe with the help of ur therapist they will be able to explain that they dont make u crazy, or different ( i speak from experience)
3. ive been hospitalized 3x in less then a year for depression, bipolar, and boarderlin personality disorder and i still get set up with really great guys!!!!
depressed4eva Posted - 23 June 2011 2:26
thanks for your replies guys.
Did any of you wonder why G-d does sends these tests?
any don't start pulling any "frumy" answers on me because I am really fed up with those replies!
and rayray thanks for your responce in terms of the "good guys!" also how did you find out you have bipolar2? My psych is trying to figure out if I have it...
bored613 Posted - 07 July 2011 23:44
I can't tell you WHY you're going through this, but I just want to point out, its not only you.

I always felt "why is my life harder than all my friends", but I've realized everyone has challenges in life, just some ppl show them less

depressed4eva Posted - 23 August 2011 22:33
Hey everyone:) I just wanna let you all know that I am not "on" anything right now and I'm doing pretty good!
But to everyone else reading this out there and struggling with anxiety, depression or whatever it may be- a heads up to let u all know that even if you don't want to use drugs as a tool to help you boost the ladder- there is nothing wrong with it! Sometimes meds don't help and there are side effects; realize though that it can do wonders. I personally had a negative experience and realized through my common sense and a therapists opnion, that for me talk therapy works way more- but you got to know yourself- and stop caring what others think!
Hang in there everybody!
And to everyone else= thanks for your supportive words! YOUR AMAZING!:)

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