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fun!cused Posted - 08 April 2011 3:37
I always feel guilty for needing help, i.e. talking to someone about my problems, cuz as i look around, there are so many people with bigger, worse problems then me. I'm going crazy from keeping e/t bottled in but i feel so stupid talking to someone about it. any advice?
6721 Posted - 14 April 2011 3:28
hey look...... sometimes people are going through there own things but still really care and want to listen. SO JUST SPILL UR HEART OUT. real friends do care.... they are the ones that matter.... they are the ones who u can call at any time of night and talk to......And if someone doesnt care then face it... they r not the kids who u should have in ur life. and there is even a mitzva caleed NOSAN BA OL which means carrying someone elses burden, to help out in their hard ship. so people do want to hear and to listen. u just have to open up


Tammy7 Posted - 14 April 2011 3:28
B4 u ask make sure u r asking the rite person I'm sure th@ there is s1 out there that can help u good luck
cupcake Posted - 22 April 2011 3:14
omg btw i feel exactly the same way.. but listen, no-ones problem is ever too big! keeping it bottled up inside for too long is NOT good at all. you need to talk to someone befor you explode and i'm bein very serious. DONT feel stupid asking for advice. i promise it is so normal! and if you feel uncomfortable approaching someone then dont even hesitate to ask or talk about it over here! :)

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