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<3rochela Posted - 11 February 2011 3:45
hi guys. so in rly rly short what happened was some rabbi made me promise to never watch movies or listen to non-jewish music again. movies arent such an issue. thing with music-- i was already working on stopping (i stopped listening on fridays licovod erev-shabbos, then added thursdays and wednesdays). its not like i listened to such bad music- i always had my boundries which i never crossed.
this is going to sound cliche (i hate cliche) but i need it. there r certain songs that saved my life (litterally), and songs that help me pull thru hard times.. i wont get into it. point is- jewish music doesnt help me the same way. idk wat my question is. i just need advise on how to deal with this. thank you!

words that come from the heart- enter the heart

taon Posted - 16 March 2011 1:33
Can you speak with that Rabbi? make sure to express that you really do want to stop, and aren't making excuses.

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