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Anything about JUDAISM
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SMILE613 Posted - 02 February 2011 23:09
so i really love Avraham fried's music..but there is one song that i dont the song "father dont cry" (im not sure if thats the title..) and the words go "We've done all we can, now its in Your hands.." WHT DOES THT MEAN?? tht a true think we have done everything possible..if we did e/t possible would we still b in galus?? very confused..
iluvmyfrnds Posted - 11 February 2011 3:45
aren't there some opinions that say that at a certain we will be redeemed?
rav mod?
taon Posted - 03 April 2011 2:30
I think it's more like a plea

We will definitely be redeemed by a certain time, the question is if we get redeemed earlier than that

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