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bmguy Posted - 07 May 2001 19:56
Recently, I was working over Pesach. One of my co-workers was a Russian teenager(non-frum) who attends a university in the city we live in. It came up in conversation that he doesn't believe in G-d. We were discussing why and he blurted out, "Where I come from, if you were Jewish-- they killed you." Clearly, he had friends and relatives who were murdered just for being a Jew. I didn't know what to say. How do you respond to a situation like that?

MODERATOR Posted - 07 May 2001 20:02
I'm assuming from the title fo your question that you mean this guy was asking how Hashem allowed so many of His people to be killed in Russia.

Tell him that (a) G-d wants people to choose right and wrong themselves rather than force them to do it. And therefore G-d allows the Russians (or anyone) to choose to kill others) and (b) G-d punishes the wrongdoers by destroying their emipire while the Jews are still around, and (c) the murder victims will be duly compensated and get more than their share of revenge in the next world, which lasts forever.

Those Jews who died in Russia because they were Jews died al kiddush Hashem. In the next world, they are the ones living forever in luxury because of it.

alex123 Posted - 21 May 2001 4:30
I don't think it's very comforting to the Russian to hear that. He's living in the present having had friends and family killed in Russia.
MODERATOR Posted - 21 May 2001 4:31
Yes, and nothing is going to change that. The question is just why could it happen.
terrell11 Posted - 07 June 2001 22:11
I think the point was that the Russian guy didn't believe in G-d because he figured G-d all merciful, so how could there be a G-d if so many people were killed just for being Jews? He wants to know how to believe that there is a G-d. How does giving him answers like you suggested show him that there is a G-d, He is all-merciful, and yet all these people can be killed at the same time?
MODERATOR Posted - 08 June 2001 1:56
Because G-d is merciful. People can sometimes be cruel. G-d did not kill these people, people did. The question is why does G-d the Merciful allow people to function with free will, as oppsoed to creating robots that can only do good to one another? The answer to that is if we would not have an opportunity to do evil, we owuld get no credit for being good. A rock is nto praised for not killing anyone.

Add, too, that whatever evil befell these people in this world, G-d pays them back with intererst in the next world, such that for ever and ever these victims are thanking Hashem for the small suffering they had during their life, because through that they "earned" millions and millions of years of infinite pleasure.

Tzadikim are happy with how they are treated when the whole picture is seen. G-d makes sure of that.

terrell11 Posted - 19 June 2001 1:41
I sent a reply to this, about five days ago (why wasn't it posted?),explaining what bmguy really was asking. He meant that the Russian guy didn't believe in G-d, and therefore answering him with answers that have G-d telling us things don't mean anything to him. He wanted a proof that a G-d existed and yet all those people could die.
MODERATOR Posted - 22 June 2001 0:21
Yes and the point is that people dying is not a contradiction to G-d's existence.
sarsky Posted - 14 April 2011 3:28
one of my rabbis had just spoken about the holocoust. i alwayse wondered how its possible to beleive in god and to beleive that god is so full of mercy when you see what happend to the jewish people. he said something very interesting and if you think about it very true. he said, "if you beleive in g-d, for you g-d is someone so great that is thousants of levels above you. if you are not gaoing to beleive in g-d becouse you dont understand why he killed these people, then you obviously dont understand what is g-d. since g-d is so many levels higher than us we can't understand why so many horrible things are happening to us, but there obviously happenign for a reason, and g-d knows the reason becouse he is way greater than us.
it sounds harsh, and i would probably not have the gutts to tell that russian boy about that, im sure theres a nicer way of saying this but that how i see it.

<3 jews ;)

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