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depressed4eva Posted - 07 January 2011 2:53
I have trouble with tefilla. I feel like I Daven to G-d and he just doesn't answer. Sometimes, when I Daven I have a bad day then. How come he only listens to some people?!
daagahminayin Posted - 17 January 2011 23:43
Wow, I'm so sorry you're feeling depressed! It is so hard to feel like you're prayers aren't being answered.

I was single for a long time, and I davened really hard to get married for ages. I was getting to the point where I felt I didn't have strength to ask any more - it was so painful to keep getting a 'no'.

My friend lent me a short book on tefillah, and the basic message was: start davening for something you really want, and expect that Hashem can give it to you! At first I thought, 'yeah, yeah'- I've tried that before, but then I realized that it was exactly that attitude that was holding me back. I was so burnt out from feeling that my prayers were rejected, that I had stopped focusing on the fact that Hashem loves me, and wants me to be happy, and has the power to do anything for me.

I started working really hard on internalizing this message - on truly believing that Hashem could and would help me. I went to the kotel for 40 days, and stayed there for 5 minutes each time. I stood there and said: Hashem, I really want this; I know you can do this for me; I know you love me; please do this for me.

In the middle of the 40 days, I met my husband. Baruch Hashem, we have been married for four months now, and are so happy together. I look back to the long period when I was single, when I felt like Hashem was saying no, and I realize that He was really saying, 'Just Wait!'

He really does hear all of our tefillos. In my case, I feel like Hashem was waiting for me to ask Him from a place of truly trusting Him, and knowing that He loved me.

I hope my story helps you a bit, and may you feel better soon. May all your tefillos be answered l'tovah!

6721 Posted - 17 January 2011 23:43
a father sometimes says no bc he can c that its for the childs good...

its like a child who is getting the flu shot although it might b painful and he mite b mad at his dad for it its for his benifit

actually aish video onit

surviver2 Posted - 17 January 2011 23:43
god gives back the amount you beleive in him also no is an anser and sometimes stuff that look bad r in essence what saves u but prayer is a hard 1 but your question waz more emunah based
FaithInOne Posted - 02 February 2011 23:09
It's not that Hashem only listens to some people and is not answering you. He's listening, but He's just saying no.

Something interesting I heard was that every time you daven, you create a "coin." If Hashem doesn't use it at that moment for that one thing your davening for, He'll use it for another moment when you're also in need. For example, if something Chas V'shalom happen to someone you know, and if you knew what had happened, you would be davening, but since you don't know you aren't, Hashem will use that "coin" that was created from your unanswered tefillah to save someone or to do something great.

When Hashem was getting ready to destroy Sedom, He asked whether or not to tell Avraham what He was going to do and Hashem answered himself by saying that Avraham would be a great nation.
Hashem knew that Sedom was going to be destroyed no matter how hard Avraham davened, but that was exactly the point. Hashem was able to save all of Avraham's tefillos for future generations. Because Avraham was going to become a great nation, Hashem told him about Sedom so He could use Avraham's tefillos for Avraham's children.

In addition, tefillos are NEVER wasted. Just like rain or snow come down and don't go back up (besides for the whole scientific reasoning), our tefillos go up and will never come back down to us. Hashem always has a purpose for them.

Ish Yiddd Posted - 27 July 2011 23:25
'daagahminayin' that kinda helped...thanks
<3rochela Posted - 08 August 2011 0:53
imagine a kid wants a cookie. he goes to the kitchen n asks his mom. the mom can either say,
1. "sure! u didnt eat dinner yet so ur gona get a belly ache but heres the cookie."
2. "sure! u can have the cookie but after dinner so u dont get sick."
3. "i would love to give u a cookie but u always throw up after u eat cookies so im sorry."
same with davening. when we ask g!d for something, He either says yes (thats when u recieve wtvr u asked for), He might say yes but not right now bcz its not the best time for u to have that specific thing, or He might say that its not in ur best intrest to have that. He knows us better than we know ourselves so if its the best thing for us, He'll give it to us when we need it-if we ask for it

words that come from the heart enter the heart

surviver 2 Posted - 18 August 2011 22:06
i found in my life the more emunah you have the more powefull your tefila is
if you knew you were one way a person could get help or if you are the only one .you would do evrything in your powere for the second one gods the same way
huh Posted - 23 August 2011 22:33
One additional thing that helps me is realizing that the goal of Tefillah is not getting what you want but rather creating a relationship with Hashem (though obviously I really want to get whatever I am asking for). Knowing that helped me to realize that it doesn't mean that your Tefillah is a failure if its not answered the way i wanted it to be.

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