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be me Posted - 13 December 2010 23:26
k i'm like very confused with my life right now. good or bad?? what am i? who am i?? i have crazy mood swings. like one second i'm all inspired and decide to be good and holy and stuff and then the next second i'm a rebellious kid hu wants to do as bad as i could! how could i stay on one path instead of switching from one to the other?! wen some1 asks "r u shomer?" i don't know what to tell them cuz sometimes i am nd sometimes not! i seriously don't know like how to define myself! plus my principal recently found out stuff about me and was about to kick me out but i beggged her to let me stay... and i kind of lied about alot of stuff and told her it wasnt true like right to her face. my friends? well i'm sorta losing them one by one... parents? ughh don't even start with that! i'm failing lots of subjects and i just feel like life is goinggg down hillll. i want to stay on one track and keep it like that.. but how? some adive plz?
soulrebel Posted - 07 January 2011 2:53
Can we tentatively place you as HUMAN? You kind of sound a lot like the people in this category! We've all felt inspired or whatever and then- (dramatic pause) gone right on with our merry lives!

You kind of sound like you're in motion right now between 2 paths and figuring out which one you fit on, only you can make it both ways.

About being shomer- your call. You have to think it
through, and how it fits with your life. About what to say, that sounds kind of tough. Depends on the situation- it's totally different when it's some hypothetical discussion with your gfs, mixed groups or it's some
guy you like or dislike, is that what you mean?

What's the rush to "define yourself"? You're going to be evolving your entire life! I dont know if you're this sort, but I make up namesfor whatever kind of Jew I feel I am today- so what if I'm the only Jew of the sort? It's not a country club!

Wait. So you think that your principal, who has found out about way more than you wanted her to knwo, is incapable of finding out that you lied? She's already proved herself a good detective. And frankly, with it being so easy to avoid discovery, I've got to wonder whether some part of you didn't want to get caught...a very small part, but a part.

Friends. Hello, where are they? Aren't they supposed to be supporting you through this all? Are they droppig you or are you dropping them?

Parents. Sacred territory. Not too great there either. I imagine they're upset?

No kidding, you've got a lot on your plate! Alright, my honest advice? Pay someone to stand over you and nag you to DO the work! So what if you retain none of it? You can't drop out. When your life calms down, you can review, but for now, you need those grades. The nagger is honestly what got me back out of the rut. Tried and true here!

Alright. My honest advice? You're in high school. You're on thin ice in your high school. Do whatever it takes to stay in school, because ESPECIALLY if you're a girl, if you get kicked out, your life is
so do whatever they tell you. Behave, be boring, be miserable- give them what they want. Anything you have now in high school, you can drop and pick up after high school. Guys? Please, there's 10 for every girl! Parties, craziness? Seems to expand, if anything, post high school, judgig form my older friends! Tre friends will be there for you afterwards, believe me, I have friends I haven't been allowed to speak to in years, we still manage to send the occassional "with ya til the end" message. If you really feel these friends will forget you, i'd say ditch them out of self respect! DO NOT ditch school. Because once you do it once, it just gets easier. And you need structure, it can be comforting when life is so chaotic. Lastly, get as much sleep as possible.

Hope that helps

taon Posted - 12 January 2011 2:22
For one thing, you're trying. Trying to be good and keep shomer and other halachos. It's harder to have good times when you'r bad then it is to have bad times when you're good, so if you have or had the good times, you must be goood (and even if you hadnt...). Ypu're principal will hopefully understand if you show that you want help isntead of her perception of you wanting to be bad. Though you should try to find some stability first, maybe a routine of a certain mitzvah. try focusing on improving one thing or two at a time, and just hold on to the other people/things so they dont fall too far away.

questions? go here:

BY girl???? Posted - 17 January 2011 23:43
omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!im in the same situation right now!!!!!!!!!!!!! my principal is dying 2 kick me out & she caught me 4 so many things & i had 2 stop them but i keep on wanting to go back & e/t is just soooooo hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
be me Posted - 11 February 2011 3:45
by girl, its good to know that i'm not the only one.. it's really hard
be me Posted - 29 April 2011 1:19
soulrebel- trust me i did not want to get caught. no matter what good came out of it i would still rather her NOT find out ever cuz i am so embarrassed cuz she thought of me as sooooooo good before that. i feel like i let her down or something. my friends dropped me. did not give an explanation. nothing. but B"H i made new friends. good ones. hopelly wont do to me what my other friends did but i have a little problem trusting people now after what my other friends did to me. i get very nervous from my father cuz he always thinks hes right. so i ignored him for a long time but i'm starting to talk to him a little.... a LITTLE.

Taon- thanks.. and i think my principal thinks of me better now. but i feel like when i'm bad i have a good time and wen i'm good sometimes i just feel sick of it so.. idk if i fully agree with you.

okay. so basically this whole thing with my principal finding out was about 6 months ago. i proved myself to be sooo good and everything was great. but recently ive been ditching and passing notes in class and just getting in trouble in class all the time. my proncipal told me that our school will not tolerate my behavior and i CANNOT come back to school next year. i can only come for the rest of this year so not to cause me embarrassment!!! i'm gonna be in 11th next year. basically i'm EXPELLED... for next year! and she told me that it has NOTHING to do with what she found out in the begginning of the year... but i doubt that... i feel like she's just making excuses to kick me out! i begged her to give me another chance and she said absolutely notttt. i told her that if she sees a change by the end of the year then can i come next year? she said "wel see, we have till june but i doubt theyr will be a change." my friends all told me that shes just trying to scare me and shes not really planning on kicking me out but i feel like its true. all my friends said that if C"V i cant come back theyre all gonna beg the principal to let me stay and not stop till she lets. but i'm scared out of my mind!!!!!! plus it took me a long time to get accepted to this schoool in the first place so i feel like i'm just letting everyone down.. i dunno what to do... help?

taon Posted - 17 June 2011 2:07
Try to show an improvement in spirituality as well as school behavior. With Hashem's help, it can convince her.

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