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deepthinker Posted - 22 November 2010 3:14
I have a question that I have been nervous to ask for a while now. Must I respect a parent who doesn't respect my decisions? Let me explain this. For example, if my father is telling me to break shabbos- am I still obligated to respect him? Am I obligated to respect someone who has abused me?
iluvmyfrnds Posted - 29 November 2010 1:31
shabbos- tells in the torah that you must follow shabbos first. because the commandment of shabbos comess before kivud av vaim.
you should not do the thing he tells you but don't lose respect for him!
and the abuse- LOR it
bored613 Posted - 05 December 2010 19:43
I don't know the answer to every part of that
but if your parent tells you to violate shabbos, it is assur- try to decline respectfully, but don't do it (its a straight out rashi in the beginning of parshas kedoshim- 19:2 i think). If its a chumrah you took on, but not real Halacha, that may be more of a question
<3rochela Posted - 16 March 2011 1:33
of course u need to respect him. but if a parent tells u to do an avaira ur not supposed to listen to them.
listening and respecting r different.

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