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getoverurself Posted - 09 April 2004 0:07
Hashem never doubts the fact that there are other gods. the second commandment says "there shouldnt be to you other gods" right there Hashem states there are other gods.
MODERATOR Posted - 09 April 2004 9:09
The posuk says "You shall not MAKE other gods before me" - it says is that people make them. But they do not really exist. chas vsholom.

And Elohim acheirim does not mean "other gods". It literally means "other authorities" or "other powers". ANything that you attribut power or authority to besides Hashem is included.

RandomMyself Posted - 17 May 2004 14:13
Maybe, but they do say in the beggining when the earth is being made "And I shall make them in our image." so he was probably talking to SOMEONE..... and maybe there were other gods or whatever. regardless of what any rabbi has to say we still don't know. But then there's a whole buncha religions with all different theories so who knows?
MODERATOR Posted - 17 May 2004 14:22
Nevcer mind the rabbis. Try the Bible. By that I mean the Oral Law part of the Bible, which has alweays been part of the Jewish Bible, as authoritative as the Scriptures, but chopped off by the Chrstians when they started their religion, because if they were to use the full Bible, they would never be able to teach that Jesus is the Messiah - the Oral Law part of the Bible clearly negates that possbility (as does the Scriptures themsleves, but not nearly as epxlicitly). In the Oral Law, it states clearly that there were no other gods, and the reason that G-d said "Let us make man" was because He was referring to Himself and the earth - since man is made both in the image of G-d as well as fomr the dirt of the ground. Man has 2 parts to him - the G-dly and the earthy. The "us" represents those 2 sides.
satinsword13 Posted - 12 April 2007 14:28
can i email u about something? also, where on the site do ou talk about proof to the Oral law?
MODERATOR Posted - 12 April 2007 15:01
yes, please email me. it is discussed, among other places in the 'c'mon, do you really believe' thread under Us, Evil, and Proofs to the Torah
Bas-Levi Posted - 12 April 2007 23:47
I once heard that when it says "na'aseh adam" Hashem was talking to the mal'achim. The person explaining it (who is ka"h a mother of several lively children) told me that its like when she says to her kids "let's make supper" - she says "let's" and not "I'm going to make..." to make her kids feel included, even though they are not actually making, she told me that Hashem said "na'aseh adam" to the mal'achim to "make them feel included." ...does that make any sense?
(Btw when were mal'achim, seraphim, etc created?)
MODERATOR Posted - 12 April 2007 23:49
Not really. Malachim dont get hurt feelings. They only feel what Hashem wants them to - theyre not people, with self-esteem sisues who feel "left out" of things, and they certainly arent like children who feel bad when Mommy does somethgin without them.
kneidels18 Posted - 30 May 2007 19:01
actually i think according to rashi Hashem was talking to the malachim. even though Hashem obviously didnt need the malochims' help to make man, and even though the malochim dont actually have emotions and would not have been upset if Hashem didnt "consult" with them, Hashem spoke to the malochim anyway to show bnei yisroel the importance of middos and derech eretz towards others.
Bas-Levi Posted - 30 May 2007 20:43
Interesting thought...
depressedAngel Posted - 31 May 2007 5:07
about the first posters questin rabi tatz has a fadcinating tape on it
aniohevet613 Posted - 31 May 2007 13:16
back to bas-levi's question, when were the malachim created??
grafix Posted - 31 May 2007 13:24
the malachim were created on yom sheini - monday - of creation.
taon Posted - 31 May 2007 13:29
I dont remeber exactly, either the second or third day, maybe both with different groups of malachim each day.


the FAQ section

simcha613 Posted - 05 August 2007 23:09
this is another response to the "let US make man" issue. I heard this from Rav Toviah Singer in a shiur on how to respond to missionaries, that you don't need to "resort" to the Oral Torah or Rash"i to see that HaShem was speaking to the angels there. Many places in Tanach does it refer to HaShem sitting in front of his heavenly court. (Malachim Alef 22:19- "Micah continued 'therefore hear the word of the L-rd: I saw the L-rd sitting on His throne with all the host of heaven standing around Him on His right and on His left'" see also Yishaya 6:1-2,8 Yirmiyah 22:26, 23:18,22 Iyov 1:6, 15:8). Many Christian commentators (who deny the Oral Torah) admit that this possuk is not reffering to the trinity or other gods but rather to the heavenly court (including the Christian NIV Study Bible- "G-d speaks as the creator/king, announcing his crowning work to the members of the heavenly court)

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