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growinggirl Posted - 24 April 2001 22:05
is is halachikly incorrect for a teenage girl to wear perfume? why or why not? what about a married woman?
MODERATOR Posted - 24 April 2001 22:07
Not in front of men. See my post in the "Platonic Relationships" forum of 11 December 2000 17:14 and the following few posts.
ptgard2281 Posted - 25 April 2001 23:36
Perfume too?!?!
MODERATOR Posted - 25 April 2001 23:37
See the post referenced above please.
growinggirl Posted - 25 April 2001 23:57
sorry- but how do i find that? it seems like it only shows the forums from 30 days
MODERATOR Posted - 25 April 2001 23:58
Use the drop-down box on the upper right hand corner of the screen.
Sho-shana Posted - 03 May 2007 13:06
I see that this is a old post but yes, it's osser to wear purfume.

israel-phile gal Posted - 03 May 2007 20:39
excuse me sho-shana 4 correcting but it is NOT assur 2 waer perfume. it is assur 2 wear perfume so that s1 can smell it jsut by walking by (its assur 4 a guy 2 smell a grls perfume- obviously other than their wife.)
however, if a perfume has a very low-key smell or very little is put on so that u only smell it if ur hugging the person or s/t- thats totally ok.
perfume isnt inherently bad.
cheers! Posted - 03 May 2007 23:31
ipg: why would s/o wear perfume if n/o can smell it? it seems obvious to me that it's there so others can...
israel-phile gal Posted - 04 May 2007 0:25
on the rare times that i wear perfume i 1) wear it 4 myself. i like 2 smell good 2! ;)
2) other ppl can smell it- my friends who stand very clsoe 2 me or give me a hug when they see me- and not a guy walking by in the street or a potential date. (i probably wudnt wear on a date just cuz a car is small and closed off and tehre may b a possibility of picking up the scent...)
Sho-shana Posted - 04 May 2007 12:05
If it can't be smelled then there isn't any point in wearing it. Why would somoen where it for themself. You might not realize it but perfumes have a very strong smell & if you go out on the streets it can be smelled.

Yerushalayim Ir HaKodesh

israel-phile gal Posted - 04 May 2007 17:10
sho-shana- i jsut explained. yes i am VERY aware that perfumes have strong smells ( i also knwo how 2 put it on that only ppol right next 2 me will smell it- and even then theyre like- s/t smells good, wat is it?)
there is a purpose in wearing a good smelling perfume 4 u rself- clearly bc i do it!
y wud s1 (at least i do) buy one shampoo over another one bc it has a nice smell- bc u like 2 smell good! no1 smells my hair, unless im just out of the shower or theyr purposely sniffing it. lol
but i still like a good smelling shampoo- 4 myself. just like i enjoy wearing perfume- 4 myself.
Sho-shana Posted - 06 May 2007 14:04
A person might not realize that the perfume that other people smell it specially the bochrim & men & that's a HUGE problem. I know someone who is on the head of one of the Tznius organizations & they get calls from Bochrim & or men & they say that they just can't learn.

Yerushalayim Ir HaKodesh

skippy Posted - 07 May 2007 12:59
do you have to make a bracha when smelling perfume?
angelprincess Posted - 05 December 2010 19:43
I never heard of that b4 i am not challanging it but is it a minhag or halacha? if it is halacha can you please post a sourse for it?

angel princess

fasma Posted - 23 February 2011 1:55
In Even Haezer 21:1 it says "Asur lehariach besamim shel isha, veafilu einam aleha" It is prohibited to smell the scent of a woman (if he knows her) and even if it is not on her"and the Shulchan Aruch wrtites "veafilu lehariach habesamim shealea asur" it is prohibited even to smell the scent that is on a woman, just as it is ossur to look intently at her and it is considered as znus of the nose as Mesilas Yesharim on Chapter 11writes so explicitly. The Mishna Berura 217:17 adds in the name of the Taz that it is forviden to intentionally smell perfume that has been on a woman or girl he knows but is not present.

The Gemara in Shabbos 62b says on the words of Yeshaya 3:16 where he spoke bad aboyt the girls of his time and said "veraglehem teachasna" "With their steps they anger me" the gemara says that they had small containers of perfume inside their shoes and when they aproached a group of men they would press their foot onto the container to the perfume would be realeased. Chazal considered this as "poisoning the enviroment"

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