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tzumisht Posted - 22 November 2010 3:14
so i know both academic and learn b'iyun, and that machon raaya is newer and smaller.
any other info on it would b greatly appreciated,pref, s/o who went there as opposed to ur neighbors sisters friend.. aka accurate info pls!
also academics in comparison to BJJ/ Michlala...

sometimes its harder to see the glass being half full than to see it as being half empty, but its worth it- u can't drink out of emptiness!

Salt&Pepper613 Posted - 24 December 2010 0:04
i would also like to know more information
but also just who else is applying- and if you are applying what do ou think it is?
and where else are you applying
i am very nervous about the other girls because i feel like everyone has a diffrent view of the school. i am talking about people's hashkafa and japiness (not as a bad thing but just as a personality) but also are more in town grils going or more out of town
in such a small school who goes there really does matter becasuse when there are only 30 girls everygirl really changes they dynaics
Bas-Levi Posted - 29 December 2010 23:54
i went to machon raaya last year (and am back in E"Y in a shana bais program, so i'm still involved b"H). I have written quite a bit about the sem in the other Machon Raaya forums, but i'll just put up some basic points here:

~very warm: the staff is incredibly caring and all staff members are really there for the girls. they love having girls for shabbos and are open to discussing anything. they don't 'push' relationships, though, so if you want a closer kesher with a specific teacher, you may have to initiate a bit more, depending who you want to be close to. the principal, Mrs. Rosenblum, is a brilliant educator and an adept leader, as well as a caring role model. the teachers are absolutely outstanding and highly dedicated.

~hashkafah: a Bais Yaakov, no question. BUT it is considered a bit more "out of the box" in that they don't 'push' one derech. they present information and allow girls to make their own choices. they love (and i mean LOVE) questions. they do encourage kollel. they want girls to be real, sincere, in their avodas Hashem.

~academics: very b'iyun. almost all text-based classes. the hashkafah comes out through the text and the teachers' lectures. there is a lot of work but it's 1) fascinating and inspiring 2) not busywork 3) manageable. the classes are all tochen--no fluff. morning classes (mandatory) are phenomenal--chumash, novi (neviim rishonim), parsha, halacha, meforshim, inyanim b'novi, ivrit, etc. there are elective classes in the afternoon (this year, 17 hours are offered, of which girls have to take 9), which you choose based on your preferences. the school emphasizes learning 'inside' and skill development (and the girls who come to MR are generally academically-focused, smart, driven girls who enjoy a challenge). the hanhala teaches you how to learn, really learn, and grasp the implications of the sefer. i especially loved this aspect of machon raaya.

~girls: a mix from a variety of places. generally on the less-jappy side. girls are mature, focused, sincere, motivated, and friendly. high percentage of out-of-towners, though the "NY/Out-of-Town" boundaries usually aren't very divisive b"H. it's a small group, which facilitates cohesion and a warm camaraderie.

~policies: i remember having four basic rules: dress code (standard BY--button down shirt and dark pleated skirt), attendance, curfew, common sense (ie don't go to dangerous areas; don't "hang out" in inappropriate places; etc). they trust the girls to make good, mature decisions.

i love BYMR. Machon Raaya is a phenomenal, outstanding school and i am eternally grateful to Hashem and the hanhala for everything i learned and gained there. if you have any more questions i would be glad to try to answer them iy"H.


tzumisht Posted - 29 December 2010 23:54
i'll tell u where else i'm applying, but you cant really tell types wehn it comes to me... im applying to BJJ, Bnos Sarah, and Machon Raaya, but i did consider michlala, so idk if im a good frame of reference!:)
its supposed to be on a very high academic level-like bjj, michlala, bnos chava. its an open minded by, and beside being academic, its also intellectual
Bas-Levi Posted - 07 January 2011 2:53
tzumisht, i would say your description sounds pretty accurate! :)

hatzlacha with seminary choices, interviews, etc.

rayray Posted - 17 January 2011 23:43
mrs rosenbloom was my teacher at michlelet esther, and she is such an amazing woman. she taught us Navi and Parsha... i loved her weekly dvar torahs they were AMAZING like nothing i had heard before!!!!! also Navi should would apply to every day life- show us how its not just a fairy tale but that Hashem really did look into the Torah to create our world... and finally she single handedly put on our school production. it was so good we showed it 2x both oversold out, over a thousand peoiple came between the 2 nights... she also is a mom, a wife, a sister, sister in law, daughter, aunt, cousin etc and didnt loose site of that either even in all the chaos... a really inspiring person and tzadekes... what/who we should all aspire to be like...

"Luck is where preparation meets opportunity"- Ed Hardy

Bas-Levi Posted - 02 February 2011 23:09
rayray--i couldn't agree more! mrs. rosenblum is the best! a phenomenal principal and outstanding teacher, a devoted wife and mother (i recommend going for shabbos!), and a wonderful role model in so many ways.
geshmack Posted - 11 February 2011 3:45
where are you now, Bas-Levi?
and are you happy there?

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