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huh Posted - 18 October 2010 12:28
Lately i have been reflecting on HS and i just want to express my frustration. I used to stress myself out, come very close to dangerous stress and anxiety levels during High School for silly assignments. looking back it was so not worth it. It makes the students so so depressed and overwhelmed And i was a model student on the outside, and all the teachers and principals loved me. But on the inside it felt like darkness closing in so much so that when i think of these things i feel lie throwing up. Kal vachomer for someone who tries so hard at school and doesn't do well.
Why do these schools feel like they need to take over every free moment of the students time and all their energies in life with schoolwork and homework?
And now I am afraid in college and one day in work it will be the same story. I hate how i sorta missed years of my life by just living from one test to the next and Im so scared of making the same mistakes again! Any suggestions?
DannyBoy67 Posted - 26 October 2010 23:36
This is something that bothers me as well.

When a yungerman asked which girls school to send his daughter to, a very prominent Rosh Yeshiva (whom everyone knows) answered "the one that will do the least damage." And he was dead serious.

The choices were between good, frum schools and still that was his answer.

I wonder if Sora Schneir had in mind for girl schools to come out as they did.

I wonder if she is happy with the fact that so many girls are studying for tests and their 17 finals that they can't help watch a sibling or help clean or cook for shabbos.

I dont know how this is mechanech a girl to become a better wife and mother.
I guess they're suppose to learn on the job.

Obviously I am not criticizing everything that goes on. But the focus and competition on academics in some schools is out of hand. I know of many talmidei chachomim that dont like this system.

Rabbi Moderator can you enlighten us?

evryrosethorns Posted - 30 June 2011 23:06
Yeah I just graduated and I studied sooo hard I got tutors and I knew everything but I just wouldn't do well on the tests. whenever I think about It I just feel like crying and I feel that if the teacher said that they know that I know it then why do they still give you a D?? why dont they test in some way so they really know you know the info?? I feel so bad when I think about how hard I studied and didn't get results.And I really know the info-I just studied with a friend in a younger grade for a teacher i had in the past who I never did well on the tests. I still knew everything like it was the day of the final. My heart really aches for people who study so hard and dont do well

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