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honey1 Posted - 09 April 2004 0:07
2 questions:

1)The Ba'alei Mussar teach that there is a danger in accepting chumras upon ourselves. The danger is that we may become arrogant. They also teach that there is no such danger in mitzvos that are between man and his fellow man.
- I read this s/w is this true?
2)Do you guys feel that s/o who is more sheltered is more frum? Like s/o who has never seen any movies in his life vs s/o who had seen some...... Is sheltering better for frumkeit?

MODERATOR Posted - 09 April 2004 0:34
The baalei mussar are only talking abotu takign on chumrs that are more that make sense for you/ The determination of that depends on your general lifestyle - please see the Psil Techeiles forum where I explained precisely how to determine if you are on the level to do something you are not obligated to do.

MODERATOR Posted - 09 April 2004 0:36
The less Tumah you see, the better it is for you. As it says in the posuk: Mikol mishmor, nitzor libecha, ki mimenu tozaos chayim - "Of all the things you protect, protect [what goes into your] mind more than anythgin else, for ti is from your mind that life comes."

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