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g3neric Posted - 03 October 2010 6:33
Hi! Is there anybody who has any tips on how to deal with my non-Frum parents, they are respectful towards me (generally), but whenever I try to move forward in my Judaism they become anti-religious. Any help?
soulrebel Posted - 06 October 2010 1:09
Say "I will always be your child and I will always love you" they may see your newfound religiousity as a rejection of them
DannyBoy67 Posted - 06 October 2010 1:09
In general parent strongly dislike when their children all of a sudden know more/are better then them. Therefore try not to give them that message (even if it is true).

1-Never correct them or tell them what they are doing wrong. Nor should you show them any disapproval for their acts

2-Try to have as much kibud av v'eim as possible.

3- If you can, smoothly and weithout any pressure or sign of agenda, encourage them to attend Jewish lectures i.e. Aish or discovery
4- If practical, respectfully request of them not to put you down or discourage you for wanting to grow spiritually
5- Daven

6-I dont know your age or situation, but if you are yeshiva or semimnary age definitely go away.

Finally and most importantly, be a positive example to them and with Hashem's help they will respect and even appreciate your Frum lifestyle. Maybe they would consider it yourslef.

These are just general guidelines. You can discuss your personal situation with a rabbi etc.


ashtor613 Posted - 03 March 2011 1:13
I am 15 and also have the same situation. I was at a point where i was forced to eat Treif, and was not allowed to keep Shabbos. My parents could be violent at times, and it was a terrible struggle, BUT...with the right perseverence it all worked out now! I wear a black hat, and do what Jews were meant to do, at least try to! I would really do almost anything to prevent someone else from being in the situation i ended up in, or at least help them deal with it and make things better.

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