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bymaidel Posted - 03 October 2010 6:33
I feel like such a frumie! Am I the only one here who comes from a very yeshivish background and would never shmooze with a boy? Am I the only one who eats chalav yisrael, goes to a by hs and is online behind my parent's back? Seriously, what are most people here like? (I'm pretty new here)
tzumisht Posted - 06 October 2010 1:09
hi, my name is tzumisht and i go to a by hs.:) im yeshivish depending on wat that means. (c, i dont actlly understand all these things in jewish politics, so all i can tell u is that im an orthodox jew who tries to keep all the mitzvos and that is that. some would call me yeshivish, adn some not. like i said depends on the person...) anyhoosh, im on this site behind my parents backs, but im not online behind their backs (except for emergencies=D) i keep yoshon, not tht that has to do w/ my level of frumkeit or anything, it just is. the type of pple on here? idk. i think ft has its own type, if u know wat i mean! srry i stink when it comes to typifying or however u say that! but ur not the only yeshivish one, so no worries. and even if u were, does it rlly matter? hope s/o else can help u a bit better than me! srry:)

sometimes its harder to see the glass being half full than to see it as being half empty, but its worth it- u can't drink out of emptiness!

emoticon Posted - 06 October 2010 1:09
No... you're not. I am, too.
But so what?
We're all trying to help each other in the same direction...
soulrebel Posted - 06 October 2010 1:09
What am I like? Deep question I frankly can't answer at the moment!

Now here's what I think after being on this site for 4 years: this is the Internet, the most random people end up here. Potential converts, to believers in the 7 laws, to people who are struggling, to questioners, to people who want to give advice, to people like you! And everyone else I forgot to mention !

You fit right in

and while I'm not a link master like taon, I definitely remember people to similar to yourself posting things.


Just curious, why are you sneaking on to the internet?

iluvmyfrnds Posted - 06 October 2010 1:09
none of the above :)
but i believe i am in the minority and you are in the majority
get high Posted - 07 October 2010 14:22
I was part of frumteens for a long time. I'm currently learning in kollel and I'm your typical black hatter so I guess your not alone.
ProudlyJewish Posted - 15 October 2010 2:25
You're not the only one who feels sorta 'frummie'-ish.
I like to think I'm setting an example for those around me :-)

Moshiach Now! :)

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