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bored613 Posted - 15 October 2010 2:25
I guess this is a mostly intellectual question, but when someone dies during aseres yemei teshuva, was the gezera made between that rosh hashana and when it happened, in which case happened to it isnt sealed until yom kippur; or is it remaining from the previous year?
taon Posted - 05 December 2010 19:43
I think it may depend on the circumstances and the person. For example, passing away on erev yom kippur is considered a bad sign, but at certain times of the day it's good, or if the person already did teshuvah, and there may be more factors as well. But I did see many great people passed away during the ten days (Gedalyta ben Achikam, Naftali son of Yaakov Avinu, the Chayei Adam, Rabbi Akiva...).

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bored613 Posted - 13 December 2010 23:26
they were already very sick

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