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divaneh Posted - 11 February 2011 3:45
moderator, i was reading old posts and i saw that you said there is no law of causation in bechira. when two people choose to wake up in the morn, it is not becuase of a cause. rather, it was their own choice to do what right and wake up. HOw does this fit with the concept that we have a "nekudat habichira"? arent there somethings that are infact beyond our sphere of choice? if a child grows up in a neighborhood where the norm is killing, and the child grows up and murders, wouldnt you say that there was a CAUSE to why the child killed? how could a child in such a situation have choice? isnt there a cause? isnt it beyond him?
its very likely that there is somehitng here that i dont understand about nekudat habechira....
look-upward Posted - 23 February 2011 2:07
I dont think it's that there are no constrictions and limitations to bechira. Rav Miller zt"l says someone blind doesnt have bechira with regards to mitzvos that relate to sight. But what you do with the situation you are given is in your bechira
FaithInOne Posted - 14 April 2011 3:28
Hashem doesn't give you schar for where you start on the ladder of life. Hashem gives you schar according to how far you climb. So even if the yeshivish kid is very high up in terms of ruchnius, you can get more schar than him, even if you start 10 rungs down, but you climb up six rungs and are still four rungs below. So yes, a person does have bechirah in everything they do. Hashem doesn't give a person a nisayon they can't handle. Therefore, if Hashem put them in an environment with other killers, then yes, they can be expected to rise above that and not murder. And even if that kid started out very low, but was able to conquer his yetzer hara and rise above, he can get more schar than that of someone who wasn't given such a difficult nisayon because they had to work harder and they climbed higher.

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