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bestestsis Posted - 26 October 2010 23:36
Do you have to respect/honor a parent that is abusive? What abt a parents that is mentally ill?
Mosh Posted - 05 November 2010 1:23
Generally Kibuv Av V'eim applies even when parents do not treat their children well (the gemara tells over a incident where one's mother spat in his face, and he still had kibud eim). And indeed the Shulchan Aruch says that one must be very careful with regards to kibud av v'eim- he doesn't say that about every other mitzvah.

However, I do know of situations abuse and a mentally ill parent, where a Rov did exempt a person from kibud av v'em. My suggestion is to explain your case to a Rov and see what he says. Good luck.

taon Posted - 07 November 2010 2:44
To some extent I believe you would have to, for details you'd need to ask a Rav you could explain the entire situation to.
4-Eyes Posted - 17 November 2010 1:57
I think that you're supposed to honor them to the extent that uyo can, but if they reaslly are harmful, you should keep away from them (but I'm not sure). there was an article on Aish about this a little while can try searching it up (on aish. com).
tzumisht Posted - 22 November 2010 3:14
im not rlly sure, ive had the same q for a while, but i learned something recently in regards to this- in the story about Dama, he was offered a lot of money for the jewel, but he didnt want to wake up his father. normally, if would b kibud horim if someone came by offering a million dollars, but needed ur parents signature-ur parents would want u to wake them up. so why was what Dama did correct? R' Moshe Feinstein says that his father wasnt 100% mentally, and valued sleep over money. so yes, it would seem to me that one has to honor mentally ill parents

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